How to Make the Most of the Tapingo App

Still haven’t downloaded Tapingo? You’re missing out on a super convenient way to order and pick up food quickly without having to wait in long lines. For those of you who are already pros at the app, here are some tips to make Tapingo even more useful.

1. Follow Tapingo and SMU Dining on social media

Not only will Tapingo save you a lot of time, it can also help you save money. Both Tapingo and SMU Dining will occasionally post about discounts, coupons and giveaways on their social media accounts, so make sure to follow them to stay updated!

Image via Tapingo on Instagram


2. Stay updated on current menu items

Another important thing to remember about the Tapingo app is that the online menu may not always be up to date with the actual menu, so don’t forget to make sure the item you’re ordering is actually on the menu. Tapingo is meant for convenience so you don’t want to have to wait an extra ten minutes at Starbucks because the drink you ordered isn’t currently available. Also, if you notice that the Tapingo menu is missing something or offering something the restaurant doesn’t have, make sure to send in feedback and help to improve their online menu.

Image via Kyle Brutman/WUFT News


3.Place your order ahead of time

We all know that feeling of sitting in class and suddenly craving Einstein’s or Subway. If you already know what you want to order, checking out wait times on Tapingo and ordering in advance is a great way to have your food ready by the time you get out of class and pick it up right away.

Image via Tapingo on Google Play


4. Request delivery service

Tapingo currently doesn’t have delivery service but that could change if enough people want it. When you download the app there is an option to request delivery service to show that you’re interested. Don’t forget to hit the request button and encourage your friends who sign up to do the same.

Image via Tapingo on Twitter


5. Save your favorite orders

Like to order the same thing every time? You’ll appreciate this feature.Your most frequent orders will be added to your favorites, meaning that you can automatically select them to reorder without re-selecting your preferences from the menu. This definitely comes in handy for anyone with a complicated Starbucks drink order who is tired of specifying exactly how much caramel syrup they want in their pumpkin spice latte.


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