How To: Build Your Game Plan for a Great Semester

Ladies, let me encourage you to view your busy schedules as a blessing. It’s a privilege to have be somewhere, to want to be somewhere, and to be invited to attend to opportunity which grows ourselves and others! The ability to fill our days and time is not one we should take for granted.

With staying connected with our loved ones, friends from extracurricular activities, networks, professors and a billion other things our schedule demands, it would be so much easier if we had a personal assistant…something I’ve literally contemplated on investing in, but I’m ballin’ on a budget as a student, just like you too.

Consistency is difficult to achieve, and compromising our attendance to people and obligations in our lives is tempting (especially when we don’t have our own selves together!) If you struggle with time management and/or are eager to improve, you may find these tips useful with application.

Instead of compromise, I offer you a fruitful way to approach your busy schedules with a good anticipation and confidence to complete! A peace of mind is the goal in the midst of chaos.


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  • Map out your week and reserved dates in advance. I’m sure some of us do this already, but if you don’t, definitely start! It’s a lifesaver for planning in advance and knowing what you can say “yes” to and “no” to. To avoid last minute cancellations and/or double-booking, make your weekly/future dates you know of and know them well!
  • Be decisive. When making additions or subtractions to your schedule, be mindful what you can and cannot commit to. Know what you can say yes to. If you’re hesitant, commit to what you’re able and willing to do so, and if not, have peace about not being able to do something. (I’m talking to my type-A ladies!) It’s better to commit to a decisive “no” than to lessen or lose a connection with a fickle “yes.”
  • Schedule time for mishaps and meditation. This is a game-changer! I began doing this 2016 fall semester, and wow… 10/10 recommend. Plan in an hour or two for potential mishaps. This way, if something unfortunate happens to pop up that can kill necessary time, you already know what’s up for plan B. This also prevents, or at least minimizes, the time we’d waste stressing about the low(s) of our day. My intention for implementing this game-changing tactic was to enable myself to carry on with a mountainous course load after extended (and necessary) conversations I was having more often than anticipated. This also allowed time for myself to regroup or move slower on days when my attention span was minimal.
  • Use a planner. Planners are crucial. It’s important not only to map out future dates and compile our schedules, but it’s helpful if we have a physical object that we can reference back to regularly and see what’s to do for the day. This is helpful for the previous tips as well, especially with decisiveness; you will be able to commit with confidence to yourself and others with a visual reference of what you have already planned to do (and also gives you clearer opportunity for readjustment-also a vital tip).
  • Discover your most peaceful circumstances or place and prioritize it. This is one of the most underrated tips. Perhaps, because people don’t think it’s tangible in a flood of business. That’s a lie. Ask yourself where your mind is still and fully relaxed, and give yourself that opportunity daily to regroup. If you don’t (yet) know those peaceful conditions in your life, start with a power nap or mediation. I used to feel stressed during my mediation, like I was guilty of not using that time of rest to be productive. The truth is, if we invite peace into our busy schedules we will be better communicators, more present, and more joyful throughout our days.

We won’t have a perfect day every day, as we all know. Realistically our 100 percent for Monday’s will likely not look like our 100 percent for Friday’s. If you have that consistency in the week, please share your tips! (Lord knows we need them.) The key is to stay consistent with ourselves so we can stay connected to others and present with, and during, our obligations. I encourage you to use these tips, and I hope nothing more for you to slay your days during a hectic schedule. Stay consistent to stay connected!


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