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Homecoming candidates reveal deepest darkest secret…

This year marks the 92nd Annual SMU Homecoming. As well as celebrating Homecoming week, the campus and community will also be celebrating the 100th anniversary of the University's opening in 1915. Happy Birthday SMU!

Events begin on Saturday, September 19, with float building and end Saturday, September 26 with fireworks at the football game. This year's parade theme is "Hundredth on the Hilltop" where student floats, bands and entertainers will bring to life a theme from one of the previous SMU Homecomings.  

Throughout the week, students spend time building their floats, participating in field day, Rock the Vote pep rally, CANstruction events, the Centennial concert and finally the Homecoming parade, boulevard and football game where SMU will take on James Madison University. 

This year at the Centennial concert, SMU will be hosting the Eli Young Band with special guest Cam in Moody Colliseum. Tickets are free for students. 

There are 11 king and queen nominations for this year's Homecoming candidates. To help introduce the candidates to you, I asked them to reveal their deepest, darkest secret: If you were an animal, what animal would you be and why?

Jay Miller

Pi Kappa Alpha

"If I was an animal I would be a dog, specifically a German Shepherd, because who doesn’t love man’s best friend? They’re smart, loyal, friendly, and all around better than cats. Dogs care more about humans than humans care about humans."

Meghan Morse

Chi Omega

"If I could be any animal, I would be a puppy because who doesn't like a puppy?!"

Amy Corser

Pi Beta Phi

"I would be an octopus so I could give really awesome hugs."

Lindsey Anderson

Kappa Kappa Gamma

"I would FOR SURE be a hedgehog. They are so cute and miniature. I've wanted one my whole life!" 

Whit Rasmussen

Sigma Phi Epsilon

"My choice is easy, I would be a wombat because they are the most underrated house pet of all time. (Working on getting one - probably will never happen though..)" 

Eugene Kim

Asian Council

"I would like to be an ant, because they work together as a collective and help each other out."

Emily Dombrowski

Alpha Chi Omega

"If I could be any animal on earth, I would be a giraffe. They are empathetic, curious, and they can reach great heights, just like I have been able to do with SMU and Alpha Chi!"

Jett Sapponaro

Phi Gamma Delta

"I'd be a lemur because they nest and hang out in groups of 10 during the day. Also, the movie Madagascar is a classic." 

Blake Ann Seeker

Kappa Alpha Theta

"If I could be any animal I would be a unicorn because they give people something to believe in."

JB Stockslager

Lamba Chi Alpha

"I'd for sure be an otter. Otters are always playing around and having a good time, but can just chill too. Otters are curious, creative, and athletic always swimming around looking for new ways to have fun. Finally, otters are loyal to their homies and all the ladies love otters."

Icenic Frazier


"If I could be any animal, I would be a white tiger. Not only is my name extremely distinctive like a white tiger's fur, so is my personality. I'm unique, rare, and fierce."

Sabrina Janski

Gamma Phi Beta

"I would love to be a dolphin because they're intelligent, fun, and social animals! They're also great swimmers, which is something I've never been particularly good at." 

Colleen McKenzie

Delta Delta Delta

"If I could be any animal on earth I would be a dolphin because dolphins are both smart and social creatures.  I love the ocean so swimming around all day wouldn't be a bad life! Dolphins are also universally seen as good omens symbolic of clear skies and smooth sailing, and they hold a special meaning to members of my sorority Tri Delta."

Alex Hibbard

Beta Upsilon Chi

"If I could be any animal, I would be an eagle. I would love to be an eagle because I would be able to fly anywhere. If I ever needed alone time, I could fly to the top of a mountain and if I ever wanted to be social, I could fly to the forrest and hang out with my eagle friends."

Garret Fisher


Josh King

Sigmpa Alpha Epsilon

Alex Yauch

Nineteen 11

Christopher Dunn

Lyle Ambassadors

Natalie Brock

Delta Gamma

Johna Rutz

Theta Tau

Austin Brown

Kappa Alpha Order

Jack Murphy

Beta Theta Pi

All images: Courtesy of Facebook

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