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The highs and lows of becoming a G-Big

Now that the bid cards have been signed, the jerseys delivered, and the glitter in every recruiment video ever has settled, all your sorority friends have begun the next task of Panhellenic life: forming big-little pairs. Hot glue guns are out, paint is drying, and the search is on to see who will be tapped next to join your family tree. Last year I dreamed and hoped, but I could never have imagined what my life as a big would be like. Even though I cringed at how cheesey it sounds, being a big to my fantastic little has been the most rewarding part of my sratty days. I’m sure a lot of bigs will try and fight me about this, but my little is 100% the coolest, funniest, most delightful little. Ever. In the world. As bigs, you are your little’s biggest cheerleader and you want the world to know.

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It’s time for the littles to become the bigs and, in turn, the bigs to become the g-bigs. We’re getting old, friends. When did this happen? Instead of mixing with new memebers and developing serious girl-crushes, we’re on the sidelines. Every time you see your little talking to a new member, or glimpse an exchange of likes and comments on Instagram, your mind goes into overdrive. Who is this freshman? What’s her major? Does she like Harry Potter? Is she our family’s future? and most importantly – does she know how great my little is? During this annual ritual, you have become irrelevant. Let’s not even consider what that will make us next year as great-g-bigs. For the next few weeks, you move to the background as you wait for your little to meet the one.

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For me, this is the hardest part of becoming a g-big. I know I’ll love whoever my little loves. I can’t put into word how proud of her I am and how great of a big I know she’ll be. She is kind and courageous and a total yoga queen. What’s challenging is knowing there is nothing I can really do to mak sure her big-little experience this year is as great as possible. Sure, I’ll facebook stalk and paint some pretty terrible canvases (sorry in advance, g-little). But really and truly, becoming a big is a totally unique experience. It is time for me to take a step back and let my little experience same the anxiety and joy I did last year. I hope the girl she takes as a little loves her as much as I do. I hope they’re close and in each others’ lives forever. Lastly, I hope I don’t get this weirdly sentimental on the night of reveal. It won’t be good if the first thing I do as a g-big is freak out the poor freshman who’s stuck being related to me. 

Happy big-little season!

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Hannah Claire Brimelow is a Junior at Southern Methodist University, majoring in English and Communication Studies and minoring in French. After her December 2016 graduation, Brimelow intends to continue on to law school and, eventually, work on international adoption policy and children's rights issues. When not writing for Her Campus SMU, she enjoys traipsing around around the world and pretending she's a Texas native.
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