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Fall is a great time for baking fun, fall flavored snacks that fill the entire room with the scent of autumn. Check out our writer’s favorite fall nacks and read why we love them.

Dried pumpkin seeds

“The crunch. They are healthy and delicious. They feel like you are eating chips or sunflower seeds, but you can basically only get them in the fall. SO GOOD.”


Image courtesy of 101Cookbooks.com


Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Cookies

“They rock my socks, especially when warm.”


Image courtesy of runningwithspoons.com


Trader Joe’s Pumpkin Bread Mix

“It sums up fall in one delicious box.”


Image courtesy of whiskingmama.com


Carmel Apples

“It’s sugar that I can call healthy.”

“Sticky. Sweet. Fruity. Crunchy. Amazing.”


Image courtesy of takingcareofmonkeybusiness.com


Caramel Corn

“The sweet caramel and salty popcorn go together perfectly. It’s a great snack for a cool fall picnic or movie night!”


Image courtesy of recipegirl.com


Gluten free Pretzels

“Because the regular ones aren’t as good.”


Image courtesy of amazon.com


Cotton Candy from the Fair

“Cotton Candy is DELICIOUS”


Image courtesy of bustle.com



“I lived in Boston and fall is apple picking season”


Image courtesy of toronto.com


Acaí Bowls

“Healthy and yummy. Some places have pumpkin acaí bowls during Fall too!”


Image courtesy of fitnessista.com


Candy Corn

“Perfect aesthetic and taste, plus I love candy!”


Image courtesy of slate.com


Pumpkin Bread

“Personally, I think that pumpkin spice lattes are a little overrated, but I do love fall spices and I think the pumpkin bread can be so good because you get all the flavors of pumpkin spice minus the latte part.”


Image courtesy of sweetpeaskitchen.com


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