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Get Your Taste of Terelli’s

Dallas is a Mecca of world class dining. From Downtown to Uptown, Deep Elm to Greenville, the possibilities for satisfing even the pickiest of palates are endless.  But one Tex-Italian restaurant tucked away in Lower Greenville (just a block from The San Francisco Rose) has stood against the test of times for 25 years, and a four-alarm fire.

Last March, an electrical fire consumed Terelli’s and three other neighboring restaurants. Through the smoky haze, all that was left of the building was the back wall foundations, leaving workers jobless and owner Jeannie Terelli heartbroken. But after nearly one and a half years of rebuilding the landmark that had stood since 1911, Terelli’s is open and more vibrant than ever.
With the restoration of Terelli’s, there have been some updates to the previous restaurant’s layout. There is now a rooftop bar to enjoy one of Terelli’s acclaimed martinis while munching on their signature Italachos (they are Italian nachos that you build yourself like a pizza). The restaurant also includes a new kitchen as well as a larger bar area for those looking for a Happy Hour hot spot.
The reconstruction of the much missed Italian staple was not an easy road. Insurance only covered half of the damage expenses. In order to aid in the costs, patrons of the restaurant have the opportunity to purchase a brick that will be added to Terelli’s Brick Wall. All the proceeds go to costs of rebuilding and purchasers will receive VIP seating and discounts.
So next time you are looking to satisfy your craving for a innovative assortment of delectable Tex-Italian dishes, be sure to check out the newly reopened Terelli’s and take part in restoring one of the most historical and delicious restaurants of Greenville. 

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