Four Follow Worthy DFW Female Foodies

As a foodie and Yelp Elite member, I am very invested into the food scene in DFW. In my spare time I blog food on my Instagram page and browse other Instagram feeds, and I noticed that the female food bloggers in the area are making an impact on fellow foodies. These are four female foodies that you must follow if you want food porn on your screen.


1.      Adriana Herrera aka @Foodforthabooty


Image via Instagram @foodforthatbooty


This ice cream loving MILF takes a lot of pride in her personal health and the Dallas food scene. She is a certified person trainer, a mother and a Starbucks connoisseur (who isn’t!?). The photos on her Instagram feed are very vibrant and creative. Herrera takes plenty of action shots; she loves to stack food and make fun captions. She never fails to pull fun into her page and loves her followers to take a look into her daily life, even if it mainly contains working out, Starbucks and ice cream; gotta love the ice cream.


2.   Monica Pham aka @Foodwithmonica


Image via Instagram @foodwithmonica


Monica Pham loves to travel, eat meat and build her brand. This slim thick business woman values her marketing skills and is always willing to help people expand their brands if they are willing to learn. When you follow this woman and watch her stories, you will find out amazing facts about her, incredibly motivational stories and occasional sex tips. Overall, she takes amazing photographs that will make your mouth water.


3.    Amy aka @Still_hungry_dallas


Image via Instagram @still_hungry_dallas


Amy is all around DFW eating everything that comes her way, expect Campisis. This lady is not afraid to give her honest opinion about food, which makes her a wonderful person to get recommendations from. Her photos are bright, inviting and have laser sharp focus. Just by this foodie queen’s Instagram story, you will be able to tell that there is never a dull moment when she is around.


4.    Kristie aka @dallasfoodfreak


Image via Instagram @dallasfoodfreak


If you like food and booze, go ahead and follow this lady. She is always attending the “poppin’” food events around town and has profound knowledge of food in general. This food freak is very supportive of other foodies and businesses, and that alone makes her very influential to the Dallas food scene. If you like meat, you will find plenty of that on her page, and if you do not like meat, you will still find something here for you. This food blog unveils the DFW food scene and will show you foods that you never thought existed. These photos on this page will single-handedly turn you into a food freak and will likely make you drool as you scroll through her feed.


Overall, the Dallas food scene has a lot to offer, and all these ladies are showing everything it has to offer daily. These group of female foodies really made an impact on me as a food blogger and motivates me to step up my game. These food blogs are guaranteed to make you step out of your comfort zone and try something new, whether it be a new dish, a new restaurant or even a new hobby. If/when you follow these fabulous four female foodies, you will not be disappointed.