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DO’s and DON’T’s of Away Weekends

Ok Collegiettes™, that guy you are sort of friends with just texted you and asked you to his fraternity’s away weekend… You think he is nice… but you don’t know him really well…you are afraid to say yes because it might be awkward…
Well have no fear because Her Campus have your guide to do’s and don’t’s of away weekends.
DO say yes! Regardless of whether you barely know the guy at all or you’ve been dating for years, you WILL have a good time!
DON’T worry about not knowing about any one going, the odds are one or more of your friends will be asked also and this gives you the chance to make some new ones
DON’T freak out about having to share a bed with your date. Everyone’s situation is different so it all depends on what happens in the moment but it always works out.
DO find somewhere else to sleep if you feel uncomfortable. Share a bed with a friend-make their date scoot over!
DON’T feel pressure to hook up with your date. Just because he asked you to an away weekend does not mean he is guaranteed some lovin.
DO finish your homework before you leave on the away weekend because you will be exhausted Sunday and schoolwork will not sound fun.
DON’T over pack. You will most likely be driving down with your date and other couples and no one enjoys being in an over packed car for a road trip. 
DO have fun! What could be more fun than going on a mini vacation with all of your friends? Not much, so enjoy it! 

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