A Definitive Packing Checklist for Winter Break

Going home for the holidays? Don’t forget these necessities that might slip your mind while you're rushing to pack between finals and holiday festivities.


Don’t make the mistake I did by leaving your makeup in your drawer. Pack your foundation, blush, mascara, holiday glitter, etc. as soon as you begin packing.


Neutral undergarments

For all of your complicated, festive holiday outfits, make sure to pack your strapless bras, bralettes, backless bras and neutral underwear.



Although you are going home, and may imagine still having things at home, you never know what mom and dad may have gotten rid of. Play it safe and bring your toothbrush, retainer, hair brush, favorite hair curler/straightener, perfume, Clarasonic or face washing tool, razor, glasses or contacts, chapstick and lotion (to protect your skin from the harsh winter weather).


Lounge Clothes

Bring your favorite comfy clothes for those Christmas movie lounging days. Soft sweaters, a sweatshirt, yoga pants, fuzzy socks, sports bras and fuzzy pajamas always pair well with the 25 Days of Christmas.


Holiday outfits

Plan your outfits for Christmas Eve, Christmas Day and New Years ahead of time so that you don’t get home and realize your favorite sparkly skirt is locked up in your dorm room. Remember to complete your looks with your favorite tights, jewelry pieces, shoes, socks and jackets.


Gifts for the family

If you stumbled across some gifts for someone special while away at school, stuff them in your suitcase and save space by wrapping them once you get home.


Passport, ID, and License

Don’t forget to bring identification for the airport, and in case you have a spontaneous family vacation, bring your passport!


Holiday Spirit

Stay cheerful during the holiday season and enjoy being back home for more than just a weekend. Remember that the holidays involve family plans, not just your own, so cooperate with your parents and be patient and helpful as you live under your parents roof.