Cute Towns to Visit Near Dallas for Spring Break

With the Spring Break just around the corner, vacation season is upon us. Not everyone has the money to fly to Aruba, or go on a safari adventure in South Africa, or eat pasta day after day in beautiful Rome; this is where day trips come into play. Dallas is a very central location for driving to many different cities for the day or weekend. I have compiled a list of places near, or a car ride away from, Dallas that would be perfect for pictures for Instagram and a fun weekend to get away from your house.

1. Marfa, Texas


Image Via Vogue


Distance: About an 8-hour drive from Dallas.

Why: This town has the cutest hotel, which you can find here. It is so adorable! You can go GLAMPING!!! This spot would be perfect for Instagramable pictures. “Marfa Lights” aka the best view of the sky and its beautiful stars; for more info on the lights go here. While you are there, don’t forget to see the Prada store front that will make you cry it is so cute.

Advice: There isn’t A LOT to do here but it can make for a very fun weekend. I encourage you to do your own research before going and find your own Marfa wonders.

2. Turner Falls, Okla.


Image Via TripAdvisor


Distance: About a 2 hour drive north of North Dallas, in Oklahoma

Why: The city can be so busy, so at times it is nice to escape. Turner Falls offers a peaceful water fall and hiking trails throughout the park. You can picnic, swim, hike or lay in one of the "pools" of the river. It can get busy, but for the most part you can find your own quiet space.

Advice: Bring water shoes! And appropriate shoes for hiking or whatever your activity may be. Also there is an entrance fee, it isn’t expensive at all but it does change, so check the website before you go! Making this a day trip is extremely doable.

3. Broken Bow, Okla. ​


Image Via TripAdvisor 


Distance: About a 3-hour drive from Dallas

Why: This place really comes alive. There's fishing, camping, hiking and swimming. The scenery is breathtaking and will have you feeling so tranquil.

Advice: Rent a cabin if you are going for the weekend (which I suggest).  They're really nice and not crazy expensive. Also bring tubing devices or if you have a boat just make sure all the stuff for the docks are set up. You can make this vacation completely tailored to you!

4. Waco, TX


Image via Youtube


Distance: about 1.5/2 hours from Dallas

Why: If you're from Texas, you know the main activities in Waco include Baylor University Football and the Silos. Chip and Joanna Gaines have a show called “Fixer Upper” which is based in Waco, TX. They have a store, Magnolia Market at the Silos, that is open to the public to shop and eat. This is perfect for a Friday or Saturday day trip!

Advice: They are closed on Sundays. Be prepared to wait in a line if you are purchasing items from the store. It's still worth it despite the heat and occasional long lines. Also, parking is free, so don’t worry about that!

5. Dripping Springs, TX


Image Via Country Living 


Distance: about 3.5 hours from Dallas (it is near Austin)

Why: Water is the best way to cool off, especially in Texas heat. Hamilton Pool is incredible to look at and swim in. Lake Travis is also very nice to ride down, either in canoe, kayak or stand up paddle boarding. There are also plenty of parks around ot explore as well! Check out the website and it will assist you a lot in planning your trip!

Advice: If you want to make your stay a little longer, then take a trip down to Austin since you’re so close!


I hope these towns inspire you to go out this break and adventure with some of your besties! There is plenty to do even if you aren't studying abroad or going on exotic vacations while still working and doing your internship. Have fun and don't forget to post lots of pictures!