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Campus Cutie: Mauro Cichero ’18

Hometown: Alicante, Spain

Age: 20

Zodiac Sign: Leo

Majors: Sports Managment

Greek Affiliation: Not Afffiliated

Relationship Status: Single

Favorite Sorority: I love em’ all!

Favorite Toothpaste: Obviously Colgate duh!

Boxers or Briefs: Boxers

Favorite Movie: City of God

Favorite Bar: Barley

Favorite SMU Memory: Playing in the sweet sixteen in the NCAA tournament!  

Celebrity Crush: Alex Morgan

Favorite Dallas Restaurant: Urban Taco

Ideal Date: Tacos and Netflix

Best Pick-Up Line: Are you tired? Because you’ve been running around in my head.

Funny Fact About Your Roommate: He has two personalities, and depending upon the two I either call him Garret (his name) of Gary.

Favorite Smell: Strawberry

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Taylor Hintze is a junior at Southern Methodist University majoring in Engineering Management Science & minoring in Fashion Media. She loves writing the campus cutie section & is always on the hunt for the perfect man bun. If she isn't in Starbucks then she is checking out a local SoulCycle class in search of a straight male instructor.
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