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Campus Cutie: Matt Case ’18

This week’s Campus Cutie is Matthew Case. He is sure to “fly” into your hearts ladies, especially if your idea of a casual date is flying to Austin and back as Matt’s co-pilot.

Hometown: Dallas, TX

Age: 20

What is you zodiac sign: Aeries all the way!

Major: Finance 

Greek Affiliation: Beta Theta Pi

Relationship Status: Single

Favorite Sorority: I probably have to say Alpha Chi otherwise Madeleine [my twin sister] would kill me.

What is it like having a twin: Honestly it’s fun because I have a best friend that I can always relate to. When I describe it to other people I say it’s like having a normal sibling, but in the same grade, which can either really help you or really hurt you depending on the mood she is in.

What is your favorite “twin” moment at SMU: We have pretty different schedules, and she is always busy so there is not really one singular moment, but we have lunch once or twice a week just to catch up and I always enjoy that.

Boxers or Briefs: Briefs

Favorite Bar: Old Chicago

Apparently falling asleep is a dominant trait of these twins.

What is your go to fun fact: I have my pilots license. That’s pretty cool I think…

Craziest thing you have ever done: I flew myself and three friends to Austin one night last semester. It was really cool flying back because we flew really close to downtown, it was one of the most amazing views.

*To answer your question above Matt – Yes, that is offically “pretty cool”*

Celebrity Crush: Emma Watson

Ideal Date: Something fun out on the town but still casual.

Best pick up line:

Knock Knock

(Who’s there)

Your friend Matt, and he always will be.

(not a pickup line but still hilarious)

Funny fact about your roommate: Well I don’t have a roomate anymore becasue he moved out, guess he didn’t like me.

Favorite Smell: AV Gas

What was it like to walk in Alpha Chi Couture this year? I hear you have a “killer” runway walk. Any comments?

Hahaha I don’t know about killer, but it was really fun. It was bigger than I thought it would be, and being the first one to walk out for one of the scenes was a little intimidating. Once I relaxed it was cool to just have fun with it and try to be funny. Plus I met a bunch of cool people, and of course it benefits a great cause so I’m really glad I had the opportunity. And if you heard I have a “killer” walk then clearly I killed it. 

Photos courtesy of Matt Case

Taylor Hintze is a junior at Southern Methodist University majoring in Engineering Management Science & minoring in Fashion Media. She loves writing the campus cutie section & is always on the hunt for the perfect man bun. If she isn't in Starbucks then she is checking out a local SoulCycle class in search of a straight male instructor.
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