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Callum Morrison

Name: Callum Morrison

Age: 19

Year in school: Freshman

Major/minor : Pre-law

Hometown : San Antonio

Relationship Status: Single

Hobbies: Daydreaming and occasional bandwagoning

Favorite food : Cheerios

Favorite sports team : San Antonio Spurs

Favorite drink : Capri-sun

Celebrity crush : Mila Kunis

What you look for in a girl : A great personality, brains, and a low key obsession with chess

Favorite bar : Barley

Favorite color : Blue

Ideal date : Rowing a gondola in laps around the Dedman pool, with an accompanying violinist playing “Can you Feel the Love Tonight” 

My name is Gabriella Vrablik. I am from Chicago, IL and currently attend Southern Methodist University. I am a PR/Journalism/Advertising major.
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