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It’s a Saturday morning, you’re uncomfortably hung over because you went to Avenu for the 100th time last night, and you are trying to figure out how you will ever move forward with your life. It’s a simple solution. Go to brunch!

Though restaurant options are endless in this great city, here are a few of the hottest brunch spots for you to try out:

Public School 214

This new kid on the block has received nothing but out of this world reviews for the food, ambience, and cheap prices! Located nowhere else but Mckinney Ave, it is easy to get to and ready to accommodate you and all of your friends. Also, if brunch food ain’t your thang, try out the lunch menu; to some the items are even more mouth watering.

Max’s Wine Dive

For the bigger eaters and spenders, this hot spot located in West Village carries portion sizes as big as your head, but the food is so divine you’ll be lickin’ your chops until every last bite is gone. You’ll be in definite need of a post meal nap afterwards, so don’t make too many plans for the day!

Penne Pomodoro

If we’re trying to stay local (and *cough basic) this place is always a great go to. Who can pass up $1 mimosas and great food walking distance from school? Not I. Walk ins’ are always accepted, even though you might not be able to walk out.

Villa O

If we’re talking deals, this is definitely the spot. The menu is on point, as well as the bottomless Mimosas, Bloody Mary’s, and Sfuzzis. If you’re trying to fit a big group I recommend making a reservation in advance, due to Dallas residents’ demand for cheap alcohol on Saturdays.

Saint Ann

For my personal favorite, you just can’t go wrong with this place. With $2 mimosas and an absolutely delicious breakfast menu, I promise you will be leaving happy without bustin’ your budget. Also, make sure to say it’s your birthday and a complimentary sparkler will be served to dazzle you and make sure you’re the center of attention. #diditfortheinsta

Want to stray from the usual places? Try out some of the more “trendy” joints in Deep Ellum or the Bishops Arts District. Some might recommend Smoke (best bacon EVER), Boulevardier (for a more culinary experience), or Odd Fellows (just to say you have branched out). No matter where you decide, it is unlikely you’ll be disappointed, so jump out of bed next Saturday morning and try out a new place! 

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