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Beat the Heat!

We’ve all done it. Saturday morning after rallying out of bed from the night before and downing a quick brunch with the girls, you step onto that tented grassy knoll ready to boulevard. Surprise! It’s literally one hundred degrees outside and there’s no refuge in sight other than the bustling white tents filled with people. Suddenly, your adorable fully-lined dress and cowboy boots seems like a step in the wrong direction… So here I give you:

A Texans guide to surviving Texas weather (while still looking hot)

1. “Check the tag” A super easy way to ensure your clothes don’t leave you all hot and bothered is to check the tag before purchasing. The wrong kind of material can leave you with a strong desire to take a quick dip in those oh-so-infamous SMU fountains. Fabrics to look out for:

Eyelet: An easy solution to heat for obvious reasons. The holes allow for breathability while letting you show a little skin in a tasteful way.
Chiffon: A lightweight, sheer fabric made of either cotton, silk, or synthetic fibers. Not only is chiffon breathable, but it is also a less costly alternative to pure-silk garments.
Chambray: A lightweight essentially cotton fabric perfect for the awkward temperatures during the transition from summer to fall.

2. “Master the Bun” One of the newest trends sweeping celebrities and runway shows is the high-bun. Not only is this look easy to achieve, but it’s also an easy, chic look great for both fall and winter that keeps you cool. Pair with leggings, over-sized flannel, and boots during the winter for a super casual and class appropriate get-up. There are two easy types to learn:

The Top Knot: A more relaxed and effortless look.
1. Put your hair into a high ponytail at the top of your head and fasten with a hair tie (preferably clear).
2. Take your ponytail and wrap around the elastic. Secure in place with bobby pins *For you gals with naturally straight hair: Spray your pony with a heat protective texturizer. Curl and tease before pulling into the bun.

The Sock Bun: (My personal favorite!) A sleek, more glamorous style that gives you a full and more voluminous looking bun like the one seen on Lauren Conrad. All you need is a sock! Take two minutes and sit down at your mirror and watch the video below, it’s definitely worth it!

3. “Avoid make-up melt-down” It has happened to all of us, the moment when halfway through your day you catch sight of yourself in a mirror and say, “Umm, where did my make-up go?”

In order to make it through a full day of classes and have your make-up still looking fresh, it’s a good idea to keep these two things in your bag at all times: oil blotting sheets such as Clean & Clear® ‘s Oil-Absorbing Sheets (easily found in the cosmetic aisle) and translucent powder. A mid-day application of both will ensure you still look your best by the end of the day.

**Bonus Tip: Mid-boulevarding, if you’re absolutely dying of heat stop by the SMU Catholic stand where they sometimes hand out free water bottles!

Sock Bun youtube Link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=koRcJhZEWao

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