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When it comes to balancing school with work, junior communications major, AJ Johnson, is a pro.

Johnson is studying not only communications at SMU, but she also is pursuing a minor in graphic design and using her artistic talent to sell her designs on her own Etsy store, AEJ Designs!

Photo Courtesy of AJ Johnson

Johnson currently paints and sells watercolor stationary for her store online on Etsy. Etsy is a marketplace where people around the world network with each other to make, buy and sell goods.

Her AEJ Design collection right now consists of seven different sets. She paints watercolors of turtles, pineapples, flowers, donuts and zoo animals.

Photo Courtesy of AJ Johnson

“I’m a nature and animal lover so being outside inspires me artistically. I try and think of new designs and will sketch them out and experiment with different watercolor. I work on a lot of things and will take requests for different designs for stationary,” says Johnson. “I find it to be calming and natural for me. When I am not busy I try to paint a little bit every day.”

Besides running, working out and messing around with graphic designs, Johnson balances her day with not only painting watercolor and studying for her next test, but also thinking about what else she wants to add to her Etsy store.

“In the beginning I was a little overwhelmed, but now that school is in full swing and I have a more organized routine with all the orders for my stationary, I am very confident in being able to balance both,” says Johnson. “I am planning on selling different kinds of art prints on Etsy as well in the future. I just love being creative, involving anything from drawing and painting to photography.”

When asked about her plans with her Etsy store and stationary, Johnson hopes to not only expand her inventory and brand, but also catch the eye of businesses that would want to sell her stationary and various other products to come in their stores.

“Etsy is awesome and perfect for what I want to do right now,” says Johnson. “I hope to get my name out there and be an inspiration to other artists with big hopes and aspirations!”

Shop AEJ Designs here!

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