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If you don’t know what ACL is, you’re missing out. Think Lalapalooza and Coachella but smaller and not as hyped up. Being from Austin ACL was the best time of the year. ACL, Austin City Limits, is two weekends of some of the hottest and newest artists.

ACL is liked more by the indy group of people who like the underground bands, and of course, the country fans as Austin is home to a few country artists such as Jack Ingram, Parker McCollum, and Willie Nelson. The artist I’m looking forward to most is Miley Cyrus. Everyone is a fan of Miley Cyrus as we’ve all grown up with her through her Hannah Montana phase, the Wrecking Ball phase, and now her most relaxed phase. Since I’m going weekend 2 I’ve seen her performance on social media and she looked amazing. Hearing her live was incredible and I don’t think I have been the same since. Hearing her sing “Malibu” was so beautiful to hear, especially with everyone singing along. I know she will be able to put on a great show and will not disappoint. I am excited to be heading back to Austin this weekend and I hope you have a chance to attend at some point in the future.

Hi, I'm Sofia! I'm from Austin, TX majoring in Finance. Some of my hobbies include baking, running, skiing, and interior design.
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