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9 Reasons to be Thankful this Holiday Season

While drowning our plates in gravy was at the forefront of most of our thoughts this weekend it is important to remember the true meaning of the holidays. There really is so much to be thankful for.

Be thankful for…

1. A wonderful university like SMU.

Our beautiful campus in the heart of Dallas providing us with a wonderful environment to learn and grow. Our football team already having a better record than we all thought possible.

2. Friends that just get you. 

3. For built-in best friends.

Siblings may feel like more of an annoyance when they steal your clothes and break your stuff, but they are still more of a blessing than a curse. They are always there to listen and be on your side as you grow up.

4. For the supportive parents backing you up.

Don’t take your parents for granted, they are the love and support behind successful child. Thank them for raising you well, buying you everything and loving you always.

5. For unconditional love from furry friends.

I think pet lovers are always thankful for their animals. Even non pet owners are thankful for other people’s animals. And of course, be thankful winter break is a whole month plus some for you to make sure your pets remember you.

6. For all the foods.

For Thanksgiving feasts. For brunch in Dallas. For home cooked meals. For anything not in the dining halls. For all the holiday treats you are about to eat.

7. For (Black Friday) shopping.

If you can handle the madness I applaud you. If not, curl up by the fire with hot cocoa and shop online. Don’t forget to be thankful for all the amazing shops in Dallas and never take them for granted. NorthPark deserves all the love.

8. For a month long winter break.

No exams, papers, 8 a.m. classes. Just a month to see old friends, loving family and most importantly celebrate the holidays. It will go fast so enjoy every minute of it.

9. For home.

Home is where the heart is. Big beds, real kitchens and private bathrooms. Home is where family is. Home for the holidays never brought me so much joy.  

Remeber to always give thanks. 


Avery is a freshman at Southern Methodist Univeristy from Iowa and is planning to study Markteting. She is a member of SMU Student Foundation and SMU Dance Marathon. Avery enjoys playing golf, doing yoga and traveling. 
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