8 Ways to Motivate Yourself to Study

Let’s face it: the only thing harder than studying is finding the motivation to start. When I’m laying on my bed watching Netflix the last thing I want to do is get up and sit at a cold desk. I’ll tell myself I’m taking a short break then end up spending hours doing nothing. As soon as I get comfortable, it’s all over. The only way I will get up is if someone forcibly removes me.

If you’re anything like me you know the struggle of self motivation. I’m completely unashamed to admit that I sometimes have to trick myself to actually start working. Next time the thought of doing work makes you question even attending college, use some of these tips to get past the trauma of opening your laptop.


1. Start as Soon as You Get Back to Your Room.

Part of the trap is the simple act of laying down once you get back to your room. If you don’t allow yourself the time to get comfortable you can keep up the productive momentum from the day.


2. Go to a Library to Work.

Working at a library is great, because it forces you to be productive. Watching other people do work will make you want to follow in their productive footsteps.  


3. Make a Study Schedule.

This doesn’t have to be a minute by minute schedule, but it’s a good idea to have an idea of what you want to accomplish. Start by writing out a list of the things you need to do. Plus, it’s a good way to ease yourself into doing work. Bonus points for cute decorations.


4. Stop to Get a Snack Before You Start.

This one is obvious. Snacks make everything better.


5. Reward Yourself After You Finish.

Give yourself a reward once you finish your work. For example, if you finish a certain amount of pages, you can watch two more episodes of "New Girl." Watching Netflix before homework is a trap, so don’t even kid yourself with that one.


6. Clean Your Desk.

Starting with a clean surface is a great way to spark the productivity. If you start by cleaning off your desk, you will start off by feeling accomplished, and who doesn’t want to feel accomplished.


7. Invest in Cute Stationary.

This one may seem simple, but if you have a bright set of highlighters to use for your reading it will make the task way more fun.


8. Space Out the Tough Stuff.

The key to not letting your work overwhelm you is pacing the amount of things you have to do. If you let one large assignment hang over you, you will never want to start it. Break it up into manageable chunks; they could even be as simple as starting, or spending five minutes on it.