8 Best emojis for texting f*ckboys

The f*ckboy. It wouldn’t be college without them. Who else would be bold enough to send a text like this:

There are a million reasons to ignore them at all costs, but texting them back can be… entertaining? These are some of the emojis you will use in conversations with f*ckboys.

1. For when he thinks y’all are sexting and you know that you need to respond, but really you’re just focused on the Mac’s Place chicken nuggets you’re eating.

2. The f*ckboy will inevitably use this when the conversation starts to heat up a little. Then he keeps using it. Over and over again. You really just use the emoji back cause it's awkward not to.

3. This emoji is kinda like a kindergarten teacher putting you in the yellow zone. It basically says “Yikes. That was too forward” but the fact you text back at all says “I’m willing to see if you can get out of this one.”

4. Sometimes F*ckboys are gross. Some of the texts will make you want to vomit.

5. For when the conversation is just too much. Eventually he will say something graphic that no one should ever have to read. This emoji is necessary when you really just have to put a stop to this trainwreck.

6. Used when it’s high time to haul ass away from the conversation. And avoid all eye contact on the Boulevard. Forever.

7. This creepy moon makes everyone uncomfortable. Which is why it's amazing. It should make a f*ckboy uncomfortable enough to leave you alone.

8. Best used when you’re sending the screenshots to your group chat. 

Emojis courtesy of Emojipedia. Feature image courtesy of The Making of Raven.