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Are you into makeup? Do you want to learn proper techniques but don’t know where to start? Do you yearn to get that perfect smokey eye look without looking like a raccoon?

Well then, allow me to introduce you to the YouTube Beauty Community.

These guys and gals are the real makeup heroes. With eyeshadow tutorials and product reviews, their videos will take your makeup to the next level. Their tips and tricks will be sure to leave you dazzling. Here is your exclusive list of YouTube beauty gurus who will help you slay the game.

1. MakeupGeek

Also known as Marlena Stell on YouTube, this former teacher boasts 1.4 million subscribers. Her makeup looks are simple and easy to follow (ie. Look Flawless in 5 Minutes). She also works as the CEO of her own cosmetics company. Work it, girl! Her website, makeupgeek.com, also features a whole page on makeup tutorials ranging from beginner to advanced eyeshadow looks.

2. Michelle Phan

Michelle has been slaying the beauty scene for years now. Since she created her channel in 2006, she has amassed nearly 9 million subscribers. Her page even features an entire video playlist called Beauty Basics where she has an eyebrow tutorial, a foundation tutorial and even a guide to master the art of hair removal. Whether you’re a novice makeup user, or a full-blown expert, Michelle’s content will keep your makeup looking fresh.

3. James Charles

If you thought beauty gurus were limited to ladies, think again. With just over 8 million subscribers, James Charles has reinvented what it means to be beautiful. His makeup looks are bold and creative, just check out his video where he does his makeup using only art supplies! But if painting isn’t your thing, don’t worry. James has plenty of tutorials that any makeup user can follow (ie. Back to School Easy Makeup Tutorial).

4. Nikki Tutorials

With over 10 million subscribers on YouTube, it’s no wonder why this beauty guru won the 2017 Shorty Award for Beat YouTube Guru! But Nikkie de Jager doesn’t just show off her makeup techniques, (like how to contour and highlight), she also reviews beauty products from brands like Kim Kardashian and Fenty. Watch her vids if you want to upgrade your products, she has the real tea.  

5. Jackie Aina

Jackie is the beauty success story we all need to hear. This former army reservist uses her YouTube platform for beauty and reform. Jackie isn’t afraid to use her voice to preach the need for representation and diversity to her 2.6 million subscribers. Just check out her video, “I Don’t See Color,” to see what we mean.

6. Jeffree Star

With over 10 million subscribers on YouTube, there is no doubt that Jeffree Star is the King of Makeup. His self-named cosmetics line features bold eye shadow palettes and lip sticks that give Kylie Jenner a run for her money. One of his most popular video series on his channel is his drug store vs. luxury brand series. Check out this one where he compares two bronzers. Though he has had his fair share of scandals, Jeffree’s bold makeup looks speak volumes to his audience.

7. Jaclyn Hill

Jaclyn’s influence stretches beyond her 5.4 million YouTube subscribers. Her collaboration with Morphe put her on the map as an owner of a cosmetics line as well. But if you have enough brush sets and eyeshadow pallets, Jaclyn has you covered. Her smokey cat eye tutorial is the perfect look for a night out, and her contour and blush tutorial will leave you looking glammed.


Leave it to these experts to get your makeup looking fierce.


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