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7 Things You Missed About Dallas

If you’re like me and Texas isn’t your home state, you get a magical feeling walking off the plane after just touching down in Dallas. First you might spot a chick-fli-a in the terminal, probably someone wearing cowboy boots and maybe even a shop selling a Texan Rangers jersey-this is when you know you’re back in the motherland. Walking out of the airport is a whole another story as the hot humid air will rush all over your body juxtaposing the cold air that just surrounded you for a few hours while dozing on and off during your flight. But really what is going through my mind while stepping out into the Dallas heat is everything I missed about the state. My return to Dallas was long awaited as I had a good eight months to really ponder what my first few weeks back would feel like. I was lucky enough to spend the spring of my junior year abroad, yet that doesn’t mean I didn’t miss Texas. So let’s find out what we all knew we missed:

1. The Food

Ahhh yes this was an obvious one, wasn’t it? Bandito’s, Torchy’s, Café Brazil, Whataburger, Twisted Root, The Rustic, Nick & Sam’s, Grub…

2. Southern Hospitality

Who knew people in other states were so impolite? Every time I return to Texas and someone asks me how my day is going or holds the door open for me for an unreasonably long period of time, I know I am back in the south.

3. The Night Life

Concrete Cowboy, Truckyard, Trophy Room, Standard Pour, Kung Fu, Barley, the Green Elephant, Avenu…need I say more?

4. Really Attractive People

Everywhere you look there are people wearing the most fabulous outfits with the best hair and makeup you have seen since watching the Miss America contest.

5. The Weather

I know I know, some of you may be wondering why this is on the list. But seriously didn’t you miss the heat and the random rainstorms? Really, not at all?

6. Sports

The Cowboys, the Stars, the Mavs, the Rangers, and yes even the ‘Stangs.

7. Country Music

It’s a way of life.

Catherine Lehman is a senior at Southern Methodist University studying Psychology and English. When she is not neftlixing or chilling in her sorority house she can be found at Nekter eating an Acai Bowl.
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