6 Things to Make You Smile During Finals Week

Whether you’re reading this article in the library during a study break, or in your bed after a long day, or during class, everyone needs a little mood boost now and then. This time of year can be especially tough for all of us with finals and final projects finishing up, so here are just a bunch of things to bring some joy to your day. Enjoy! 


1. This guy professed his love for his girlfriend under anesthesia: 

2. Just a bunch of hilarious memes: 


Image via Buzzfeed


3. How can you not smile at funny videos of dogs? 

4. What’s cuter than dogs? Babies! 

5. Nothing better than dogs that look like their owners: 


Image via Elite Daily


6. Facts to make you smile: 


Image via Buzzfeed


Good luck with finals and have a great summer!