6 Things That Don't Suck About Airports

You just got back from Spring Break didn’t you? Or maybe you’re about to go home for Easter, or you just spend a lot of time jetting back and forth from exotic destinations. Either way, unless you are from the city of Dallas, if you go to SMU there is a good chance that to get places you have to spend a lot of time on a plane. Most of us can acknowledge that airports generally suck, but I’d like to look on the bright side of things. So here we got six things that don’t suck about airports.

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1. The Pretzels: If you are on an airline that doesn’t charge extra for snacks, load up on these babies. Airplane pretzels are my favorite thing in the world. They are delicious, they use just the right amount of salt, and they are perfect for those hurried flights where you didn’t have enough time in the morning to grab breakfast. If your plane provides these for free, grab as many as you can, no regrets.

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2. Getting a Pat Down is Almost as good as having a boyfriend. I mean this mostly in a funny way, but I think that if you think about it this way, pat downs are a lot less humiliating. Think of it as just practice for when you’re not single.

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3. Last minute souvenirs: Do you ever get back from a fun vacation and find out that random aunt or that one friend you don’t like that much expected a souvenir? Well worry no longer. While you wait to board your flight, browse the glory that is airport terminal shopping. Some of the stuff is kitschy and terrible, but you’d be amazed the high quality gifts you could buy at an airport. 

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4. Getting to see other people suffer when you get through security: Airports are one of my biggest fears, so once I’m done with the Hell that is TSA security, I like to indulge my schadenfreude. This is when you get some amount of pleasure from other people’s distress- aka when I feel happier from watching other people get harassed by security. Feel better about your pat down (see above) by watching the guy after you have his bag searched. Who cares that you forgot to put all your liquids into a gallon baggie when you get to watch some poor lady get her nail kit confiscated? Everything feels all right when you can see someone’s hilarious struggle to shove their oversized bag through the scanner. Sit back, sip your overpriced airport Starbucks coffee and be glad that you’re done with that phase.

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5. Getting to see the city from above: Human history has progressed a lot since the Wright Brothers invented the plane, and I don’t think they would have imagined the beauty of seeing the world all lit up from thousands of feet up in the air. I like to think of it like seeing the veins of the city, sparkling and glittering like the queen showing off her jewels. It’s like a gift. Seeing Dallas shimmering from the air as I come back from break makes me feel pretty okay about having to dive back into mind numbingly difficult work.  People who don’t look out of the window while the plane lands are soulless and sad and have probably spent too much time in the airport.

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6. Reunions: Airport reunions are the BEST THING. It doesn’t matter which way you are flying, whether back home or back to school, seeing those you love waiting in the car loop feels just right. Seeing your parents in the old family car waiting for you feels like the perfect homecoming. And having your friends or your partner pick you up back in Dallas is like the epitome of friendship. I will literally always LEAP on whoever picks me up (provided it’s not just a random Uber driver) because I am so glad to be back on solid ground and seeing the people I love again. Those romcom scenes with couples tearfully reuniting at baggage claim are so romantic. You can see it happening all around you once you land. It’s the cheesy, but it’s the most beautiful thing.

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