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With the rapid increase of YouTube’s popularity in recent years, it’s so important that YouTubers show responsibility in producing videos of high quality. In the past few months, the public’s perspective has been tainted by YouTubers making questionable decisions in the videos that they post (think Jake Paul), which is why we, as viewers, must be extremely selective in deciding who to watch and support.

Typically, the majority of big YouTubers fall into a small list of categories: beauty/ fashion, lifestyle and comedy. So, the key to finding good YouTubers is to focus on people whose videos promote a realistic way of looking at life. Personally, I’d rather watch what feels like a genuine video about someone’s life than just a highlight reel. These are five of my favorites:

1. Olivia Rouyre

Olivia Rouyre is all about promoting a healthy and spiritually balanced lifestyle. She often posts videos about how to stay positive in various situations or incorporating positivity in your daily routine. Whether it’s eating right, exercising more or staying confident, Olivia’s tips on living your best life should be heard by anyone who is actively looking to improve their lifestyle.


Image via Olivia Rouyre


2. Arden Rose

Arden Rose is all about authenticity in a world where that is rarely valued by the public. Her comforting advice on anything from love to book recommendations to beauty makes viewers feel like she’s their older sister. Despite living in two different countries, her relationship with her boyfriend is a perfect example of a healthy relationship, which I think is so important for young viewers to be exposed to, as so many YouTubers post videos of their partners specifically to gain views and comments.


Image via Arden Rose


3. Alicia Claire de Mello

Alicia Claire de Mello is an English major at LMU and makes videos about her relaxed Los Angeles lifestyle. What is unique about Alicia is that she only supports ethical companies on her channel, which is HUGE for the YouTube community. So often do we see partnerships with companies like Zaful or Shein that mass produce clothing unethically. However, Alicia promotes products that she feels are deserving of being shared and that genuinely uses on her skin.


Image via Alicia Claire de Mello


4. HelloKatyXO

Katy Bellotte is a senior at Elon University, so many of her videos are about her takes on real life topics that she has experienced relating to life in college. When watching her videos, you can definitely notice that she does not hold back or sugar coat anything when giving her opinions in her videos. She is as real as it gets on YouTube. She also has an amazing sense of style to gain inspiration from!


Image via Katy Bellotte


5. Conan Gray

I love Conan Gray. He is a graphic design major at UCLA and is possibly the cutest thing I’ve ever seen. His videos are typically related to how he’s feeling about life in each week, which is refreshing because he doesn’t always put on a false sense of happiness for his viewers. Also, he is an AMAZING artist and posts videos about his pieces pretty often.  


Image via Conan Gray.


Kaitlyn is currently a freshman at Southern Methodist University studying Advertising and Fashion Media. She is from San Diego, California where she spends the majority of her free time driving down the coast. Her hobbies include trying new beauty products, finding the best Mac & Cheese, and petting every dog she crosses paths with. 
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