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5 Ways to Stay In the Know When You’re Crazy Busy

It’s not easy to stay on top of current events while balancing studying, social appearances and sleep. We can all agree however that it is important to branch out from the bubble that is college and understand the real world. Here are a few time efficient and not so boring ways to keep up with the news.

1. The Skimm

theSkimm is an email newsletter sent everyday (except for weekends and holidays). It covers the most important current events in a quick and witty manner. It was started by two women with the hopes of making news more easily accessible and interesting. Check out theSkimm app while you’re at it! It keeps you up to date on upcoming events by syncing to your calendar.

2. Twitter

Twitter is full of news and most of us check it every day. Follow your favorite news networks on twitter for the most recent current events. You can even subscribe to favorite accounts to get notifications when they tweet. If that isn’t enough you can have a user’s tweets texted to you as well. (Follow us on Twitter @HCSMU!)

3. Apple News

The iPhone has a great News app that allows you to customize the news you see on your notifications page. It’s easy to swipe left from your lock screen and simply read the article titles for information on the top stories. You may even find yourself actually reading an article or two.

4. Snapchat

Most of the Snapchat news sources can be seen as tabloids and might not qualify as hard news. However, the CNN and WSJ discover apps have a lot of credibility and report current news. You can subscribe to your favorite sources and they will be visible at the top of your stories page.

5. News Network Apps

All of the big name news networks have their own apps to download for staying on top of national stories. Your local newspapers and news channels are also likely to have apps as well to cover local news. These apps can connect to Apple watches, stream live broadcasts and maybe most importantly: report the weather. Some Dallas-based news apps include WFFA, NBC 5 and The Dallas Morning News.


Avery is a freshman at Southern Methodist Univeristy from Iowa and is planning to study Markteting. She is a member of SMU Student Foundation and SMU Dance Marathon. Avery enjoys playing golf, doing yoga and traveling. 
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