5 Things People Who Don't go to SMU Notice

Recently, I had several good friends of mine come to visit me at SMU, all of whom attend a university outside of Texas. Their visit made me realize that people who don't go to SMU notice and are entertained by a number of things that SMU students find to be the complete norm.

Firstly, the aesthetics:

While we all think our campus is beautiful, after living here for a while, we don't quite appreciate it as much. However, it's not only the campus that is beautiful but the city, and the people are too. 

Secondly, the cost:

Living in Dallas is pricey, and since we live here, we don't think to compare price to other places, particularly other places near other campuses, but visitor sure do. The luxury of Dallas comes with an expensive price tag, especially when it comes to food.

Thirdly, the scene:

Many campuses across the country are located in college towns, with college restaurants and bars, college shops, and college people. SMU is in no "college town," it's in the realy, big city with great shopping, great dining, and great places to hang out with people of all ages. 

Fourth, the money:

With a nickname like "Southern Millionaires' University" we all know that were surrounded by wealth at this school, but as students here sometimes we begin to think it's the norm. It's not until people visit campus and point out all of the Louis Vuitton, Cartier, and nice cars that we're pulled back to reality. 

And lastly, the matching bricks and many fountains:

While this goes along the lines of aesthetic, it's so noticeable it needs its own category. There are so many fountains on campus, most campuses have one or two. And SMU's bricks are all cohesive with one another. Every building on campus is like built from one of five brick options, personally, I think this may be what make our campus as beautiful as it is.