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5 Summer Travel Essentials to Stock Up On Right Now

Summer is the time for travel! With study abroads, backpack adventures, family vacations and internships in other cities, you can easily find yourself basically living out of a suitcase. Check out these five travel essentials that will keep you feeling like you're home. 

1. Mini deoderant: This is such a vital step in your routine, but such a pain to pack when you have limited space. A travel-sized deoderant is a must-have! Luckily Secret makes a bunch of different scents like "cool waterlily" that promise to keep you fresh for 48 hours (mind blown).

2. Eyebrow gel: It's all about the brows these days, and you need a product that's going to keep them in place whether you're running around Europe or just trying to survive the Texas heat. The Essence Cosmetics Eyebrow Designer promises to "define, outline and fill in brows." Plus there's a brush on the cap - one less thing to pack!

3. Cleansing wipes: We can't emphasize how important feeling fresh is while traveling and the new Simply Summer's Eve Cleansing Cloths are great for maintaining your natural Ph. Plus they come in scents like "coconut water" and "mandarin blossom."

4. A toothbrush protector: You might think it's extra, but a toothbrush cover is actually so useful when packing! The Steripod Toothbrush Protector will keep your toothbrush sanitary as you travel from place to place.

5. A good book: Whether its a beach book or something to do on the plane, every girl needs a good summer read. White Fur, a novel by Jardine Libaire, is an NYC romance promises to keep you enthralled with a story of star-crossed lovers from different walks of life.

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