5 Reasons why Mustangs love Chad Morris

From T-shirts...

Courtesy of Facebook

...To #TempoCopters,

Chances are you’ve heard about SMU’s head football coach Chad Morris.

In all honesty the homecoming game was rough. There was such great energy and in the last minutes of the game things looked good. Until they didn’t. We’re 1-3 now, but that doesn’t mean the Mustangs love Chad Morris any less. Here are the top five reasons why Morris is one of the most notable campus celebrities on the hilltop this fall.

1. Special appearance during Rock the Vote

2. Special appearance at Mustang Corral

3. Basically he appears everywhere, which is really cool. Mustangs definitely appreciate that he acknowledges the students who come out to the games and support their team.

4. Giddy up rides every Thursday. Seriously- how awesome?! Being driven to class by SMU’s head football coach is a pretty unique experience.

5. He’s bringing in a new era of football. So we lost (again). The homecoming game was still exciting- especially in the last quarter. SMU has scored 134 points so far, which is more than all of last year’s season. 2015 is going to be an exciting year for the Mustangs, thanks to Chad Morris.

Feature Image: Courtesy of Facebook