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5 Reasons Why Homecoming is Literally the Best

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at SMU chapter.

It’s finally near that time of the year: Homecoming. Homecoming is one of my favorite events at SMU. So many alumni and friends travel from across the country to visit, and the campus is a hub of activity. Not only is there a greater sense of school spirit, but there are so many fun things to see and do! Here are five reasons – well, events – why Homecoming is the best time to be a Mustang!


The parade is honestly the best part of Homecoming. All of Greek Life, major student organizations and Commons work for hours to create incredible floats that go along with the year’s theme. They always turn out amazing. Everyone’s float is so detailed and unique, and it’s really a sight to see as they loop around Bishop Boulevard before the game. Plus, people such as Miss Dallas 2020 make an appearance. It’s an all around 10/10 must-experience event. And, since this year’s theme is “Tale As Old As Time” I am really excited to see what myths and fairy tales students choose to represent!

Image via Student Foundation 


Our team is THRIVING this year, so I expect our showdown against East Carolina to be a good game. Also, going to the games are fun in general, IMO. 

Image via SMU   


It’s basically a pep rally, but better. All of the Greek organizations, Commons and the Human Rights program are present and have their nominees come and answer a few questions. Plus there’s music, lights, and everyone dresses in head-to-toe gear to support their organization. 

Image via SMU Panhellenic  


Hosted by the Mustang Band, this is a MUST ATTEND event. Not only does the band play, but students and groups perform variety acts and sketches that are really fun to see. 


Image via Pigskin Revue Facebook

This year’s theme is USO. 


There’s no real need for explanation. Field day is field day; a competition where you can relive the glory days of elementary school and junior high with various races and games.

Happy Homecoming!


Sarah Venables is a freshman at Southern Methodist University who plans on studying English, History and Journalism under the Pre-Law track. In her spare time, she can be found reading and watching the latest rom-coms on Netflix. Loves chocolate chip cookies and spending time with friends.
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