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5 Places to Order Your Next Formal Dress From

Date dash and formal season are among us, but does it ever truly end? Deciding what to wear for your next event can be both stressful and pricey. Don't worry though, we're here to help. If you're anything like me, you choose to wait until a few days before the event to decide on what you'll be wearing. You have to take into account what the weather will be like, how you're feeling, and who will be there that you care (or don't care) to impress. This procrastination can lead to a number of problems: will I be able to find a dress at a store? Will I even have time to go to the store? Do I have enough money in my account to actually be able to afford a dress at a store? If I order it will it be here in time? The struggle is real, people. So, below I've comprised a list of five places to order your next dress from when you're in the bind I'm always in. 

1. Tobi

Tobi has hundreds of dresses, and many are under $100 (whoo!) They're trendy, fun, and inexpensive enough to not stress if you accidently spill something on it. Their shipping is also SUPER fast which is a huge bonus. Be aware, though, their dresses do run small, so be prepared to buy a size up. Also, if you decide to order from Tobi, you can usually get a discount just for signing up, and free shipping as well. 

2. Lulus

Lulus price range is similar to Tobi's– very affordable. Lulus is great for short dress events, but it also a wide variety to choose from for long dress events as well. Their shipping options make Lulus a good choice for last minute shopping as well, because they can get your order in ASAP. 

3. Revolve

The dresses on Revolve vary in price and style. Some can be a tad on the pricier side, but some are very much a good deal. This is somewhere I'd save my shopping for a special event because they do tend to be slightly more expensive and are usually always over $150. That said, there is always a sale going on worth looking through. This website has long, short, tight, flowy, and all shapes you an imagine. Shipping varies, but usually isn't terribly long. I'd recommend ordering at least a week in advance. Also, just a side note, they have some bomb workout clothes too if you need some cute clothes to burn off the calories from you pre-formal dinner. 

4. Asos

Asos is great for low priced, pretty good quality dresses. Almost everything is less than $100, and there are lots of options to choose from. Shipping from them, though, may take a little longer, so if you want to order from here plan at least two weeks in advance. They are also great for short dress events, but they do offer some long dresses on their websites as well. 

5. Rent the Runway

If you want a nice, high quality dress, but want to pay the H&M price for it, Rent the Runway is the move. They have $1000 dresses available for rent at an extremely low price. Shipping is always on time for your event because you pick the dates you need it by. The only downside is having to ship the dress back pretty quickly after you wear it. They have short dresses, however I would suggest renting long dresses majority of the time because the price difference is unreal.

Gabby is a sophomore at SMU majoring in Creative Advertising and Fashion Media and minoring in Graphic Design. She is a member of Tri Delta, and she loves traveling, puppies, and all things art. You can follow her on Instagram @gabrielle_grubb
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