5 Phone apps to help you study

With finals just around the corner, all-nighters, stress, and deadlines are guaranteed. In order to help you make it through this hellish last week of class, and in preparation for finals, here are five applications you need to download right now.

1. The Quizlet App

If you don’t have this app downloaded, you should. It’s perfect to flip through flash cards on your way to class or right before class starts. Also, helpful hint, plug in your earphones and have it read you the questions and answers or terms and definitions while you’re eating at the dining hall, tanning at the Falls, or working out at Dedman. That way you’re learning the material while also multi-tasking.

2. The Clock App

Setting timers is key. Try doing 20-minute study intervals with 5-minute breaks. That way you don’t burn your brain out too quickly, and you’re allowing the material to soak in.

3. The EasyBib App


The EasyBib app is perfect for those final papers. All you have to do is scan the barcode on the book and it cites it for you completely.

4. The Unplugged App

Since most of us get so easily distracted by our phones when studying, the Unplugged app is very handy. All you do is open the app, turn on airplane mode, and start the timer. This will keep track of the time you actually spend studying. If you need your phone for something you can pause the timer, but a reminder will pop-up telling you to get back to work if you find yourself getting distracted. Helpful hint: even without the app, putting your phone on airplane mode or do not disturb can also limit your distractions.

5. The Sleep if You Can App


Since this finals week you may have to pull an all-nighter or two, this app is will keep you accountable. Created to get you out of bed, when you use this app to set an alarm it makes you do things like take a picture of your sink in order to turn off it alarm. So, use this after an all-nighter when you need a quick nap to recuperate.