5 Hairstyles for Girls with Short Hair

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About a year ago, I impulsively took the plunge and cut off 12 inches of hair. I loved the shocking change at first, but once I washed and dried it for the first time after cutting it, I quickly realized that I had to do some serious soul searching to try to make it work. It took everything out of me to channel my fears of my hair looking horrible into exercising my below average curling skills. Since then, I have spent countless hours finding ways to style my newly short hair, as it was something new to a girl who has had long hair her entire life. The struggle to find cute hairstyles for short hair was definitely real, but after many attempts, I learned to tame my main and here are some of my go to styles that never seem to fail.  


#1: Experiment with your part.

The easiest way to change up your hair is to play around with different parts. We tend to wear our hair in the same part day in and day out, but sometimes it can be good to experiment. If you typically wear your hair parted in the middle, try it on the left! If you never stray from parting your hair on the right, switch it to the middle for a day or two. Who knows, you might fall in love with a different part than what you’re used to. 


Image via Marie Claire


#2: Try your hand at French braids!

I know what you’re thinking, your hair is not long enough and there is no way it could possibly fit into braids, but trust me, your hair is not too short! Even if it is too short, you can always turn the classic French braids into a cute half-up-half-down hairstyle. For this look, just separate your hair where you usually part it and start braiding! Pull some strands out of the front to make it look effortless (which, let’s be honest, probably took 15 minutes alone just to strategically pull out strands). 


Image by Chandler Nehrt


#3: Go sleek straight.

This look is probably the simplest of them all. The look of sleek straight hair has been worn countless times by just about every celebrity on the red carpet. You just need to straighten your hair and part it where you please. The key to the perfect straight look is to add a little texture and volume. The easiest way to do so is to add some product, such as a dry shampoo or hairspray, along with a little bit of back combing. 


Image via Marie Claire


#4: Look effortlessly gorgeous in beach-y waves.

Achieving the classic beach-y waves is almost never easy, but can be made doable with the right curling iron and a little practice. The bright side of working with short hair is that it is easier to perfect and takes less time to do so – perfect for a busy day of classes! All you need is to part your hair as you please, and get to curling. In terms of curling irons, the best for the job is one with a wider wand. This creates larger curls that make it seem as though you just came from a dip in the ocean. Everyone will want your seemingly effortless, wavy look. 

Image via Marie Claire


#5: Two words: Space. Buns.

Just as we learned from Miley Cyrus, space buns are a perfect way to spice up your everyday look. Start by sectioning your hair down the middle. Once this is done, just put your hair up in two buns on the top of your head. Use bobby pins if needed for any stray Alfalfa hairs that stick out of each bun. Pair this with a cute crop top and some shorts to give off some serious festival vibes.


Image via Milana Milabu


If you would like to watch some demos on more short hair styles, check out these videos on YouTube:






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