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5 Fashion Instagrammers: Dallas edition

There’s nothing better than finding a cute outfit on instagram and realizing it would be perfect to recreate. Theses Dallas based fashion instagramers have amazing looks and, as an added bonus, their #ootd is always relevant. Here are five of the best Dallas fashion gurus to follow:


 Follow for: adorable outfit inspiration that works for class or a coffee date. And for the cutest puppy pictures ever.


Courtesy of Instagram


Follow for: simple and chic outfits and AMAZING shoes. She’s mastered the laid-back-but-still-glamorous look.


Courtesy of Instagram 


Follow for: a pop of color in every outfit. If you’ve ever wanted to find a way to style a hot pink dress or bright red ballet flats, this is the instagram for you.


Courtesy of Instagram 


Follow for: scarfs and skirts. Her instagram has so many cute, classic, girly looks and the biggest scarf collection I’ve seen in my life.


Courtesy of Instagram 


Follow for: a little fashion and a little lifestyle- basically the picture perfect Dallas life. 


Courtesy of Instagram

Feature image: Courtesy of Instagram 


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