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5 Dorm “Essentials” You Should Have Left At Home

If you’re a first year, the excitement and thrill of being on your own and starting college may have carried over when it comes to decorating your dorm room. If you’re an upperclassman moving back into the dorm, you may be just as excited, or not, but either way at least you’re a little more knowledgeable when it comes to knowing what to bring and what to leave behind, like these five “essentials,” that turned out being totally useless.

1. Throw Pillows

While obviously you want the room you’ll be living in for the next nine months to be cute and homey, it’s important to remember that less truly is more. All those throw pillows with trendy prints and catchy sayings on them are cute on your bed or futon. But let’s face it, just like trying to look good for class every day comes to a halt, so does making your bed and keeping the room as tidy as you had it in your move-in day Insta. Those cute pillows end up on the floor and in the way, so instead pick just a few cute favorites (my advice would be to pick the softest), and call it good.

2. Cleaning supplies

Okay, so not all cleaning supplies are totally useless, but do keep in mind that most dorm buildings provide vacuums, trashcans and trash bags. While Clorox wipes are great for cleaning up spills, the Windex, vacuum, broom, and dish soap can stay at home.

3. Cooking supplies

Speaking of dish soap… unless your dorm is like an apartment and has a full kitchen, don’t bring cooking supplies. You’ll rarely ever use them, but they’ll take up space and are a pain to clean when there’s no sink or dishwasher in your room. Instead, bring disposable cups, paper plates, and plastic-ware if you are really planning on having a makeshift kitchen in your room.

4. Your entire closet from home

For girls, especially, I think packing for your dorm closet is one of the hardest parts about packing. Last year, I really reasoned with myself that because this black shirt is different from that black shirt, which are both totally different from that other black shirt meant all three black shirts were definitely necessities. The same went for jeans and hoodies, and shoes, and so on. However this year, since I didn’t wear half my closet from last year anyway, I tried to really cut down on what I brought and it’s already made all the difference in making my room look bigger and more organized. Try to take your favorite things and your basics. Accessories really can change an entire outfit.

5. The rug

You’ve probably heard the phrase “the rug really ties the room together” and yes, it’s true. However, for your 10’X10’ dorm room an expensive, nice rug is not a necessity because chances are you’re not going to want to use it again. The cheaper rug may not be quite as cute or feel quite as nice, but it will feel a lot better throwing a $30 rug in the garbage than a $200 rug.

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Gabby is a sophomore at SMU majoring in Creative Advertising and Fashion Media and minoring in Graphic Design. She is a member of Tri Delta, and she loves traveling, puppies, and all things art. You can follow her on Instagram @gabrielle_grubb
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