4 Unique Ways To Wear Your Favorite SMU Shirts

One thing that I didn't expect going into my first year of college was the amount of t-shirts I was going to accumulate in the first few weeks. After a few trips to the bookstore along with the free t-shirts I collected from various events, it felt like I had more SMU shirts than I knew what to do with. However, I quickly realized that all these shirts could be a stylish way to express school spirit. Here are some ways you can dress your college t-shirts up (or down) and show off your school pride.


1. Dress it up for game day

While t-shirts are typically thought of as casual wear, but they can look super cute for game days or a night out if you pair them with the right outfit and accessories. For a dressy and put together look, you can tie your favorite t-shirt up in a cute knot and throw it on over a neutral colored skirt or romper, like this one from Urban Outfitters. To add a little extra sparkle, pair this outfit with some jewelry and nice sandals. 

2. Stay cozy for Fall weather

Although it's still above 80 degrees here in Texas, the temperature is slowly but steadily dropping, As the weather gets colder, you might want to switch out your shorts for something a little warmer. After all, who doesn't love Fall outfits? For a stylish transition look, you can wear your SMU tees with some jeans, ankle boots and a comfortable jacket, like this one from White House Black Market.

3. Look casual chic for class

Sometimes you just don't have the energy to put a lot of effort into dressing up for your 8 a.m.'s, but t-shirts can be a great way to look nice with minimal effort. Skip the sweatpants and pair your SMU shirt with a simple denim skirt like this one from Forever 21 and some ankle boots or sneakers. Obviously, for class you want to be comfortable, so a great way to make a t-shirt comfier is to layer it with a plain or striped long sleeve shirt like this one from J.Crew. Finish off the look by adding a bow scrunchie to your basic ponytail. This one from Urban Outfitters is both trendy and affordable.

4. Show off your SMU spirit at the gym

T-shirts are casual and comfy, making them perfect to work out in. In addition to t-shirts, SMU Bookstore has plenty of stylish and functional workout clothes. These Nike leggings go great with SMU spirit wear and are super stretchy and comfortable to exercise in. For outdoor workouts in the Texas heat,  visors such as this one are an awesome way to look sporty chic while also providing sun protection. Paired with your favorite sneakers, this outfit is a great way to rock your college t-shirts and represent your school.

All Photos by Eman Haque