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4 Amazing shows we love but forgot about

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at SMU chapter.

Everyone remembers his or her favorite shows from childhood. The shows you would wake up early to watch on Saturday morning or rush home from school to see. “Hannah Montana,” “Drake and Josh,” “Lizzie McGuire” and “Zoey 101” were a few of everyone’s favorites. We all had a crush on Drake, wanted a bra because Lizzie did too and dreamed of Miley Stewart’s secret closet for all her Hannah Montana gear. But what about all the amazing shows that we forget that we loved? The shows that always seem to slip our minds when we are reminiscing about our childhood/tween years, aka the glory days of Disney Channel and Nickelodeon. 

Here are the amazing shows we love…but forget about sometimes.

1. “Ned’s Declassified School Survival Guide”

How would we have survived middle school without Ned? For three years Ned Bigby, Jennifer “Moze” Mosely, and Simon “Cookie” Nelson-Cook taught us how to handle everything middle school might throw at us including bullies, insane teachers and gross school lunches. For those of y’all who didn’t forget about “Ned’s Declassified” and were upset about the show ending and feeling lost throughout all of high school without Ned’s tips, never fear because Devon Werkheiser made a Youtube show “Devon’s Life Survival Guide

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2. “Life With Derek”

Oh Canada, what a great show you made; also like wow it ran for four seasons, how’d that happen? The modern day “Brady Bunch,” except the parents are actually terrible people who don’t control the circus that is that poorly lit house (seriously was there not a window or a lamp on set). Also retrospect, Derek was hot af, but the sexual tension between Derek and Casey was not healthy for children to watch. Over all it was a great show and taught us some good lessons, like that wearing headphones in the school hallways looks stupid.

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3. “What I Like About You”

Amanda Bynes and Jennie Garth teamed up to make up the best sister show of the early-mid 2000’s. Before Amanda Bynes lost her mind, she was hilarious and hot, and this show was possibly the funniest thing on TV. The loft they lived in was insanely cool and everyone on the show was super hot. It’s a great #tbt to the old Amanda Bynes circa What a Girl Wants and She’s the Man.

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4. “So Little Time”

Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen graduated from their roll as Michelle Tanner to be Riley and Chloe Carlson. Even though it only ran for one season, the show was…great? I mean they were 14 years old, living in a Malibu mansion with divorced parents dealing with typical problems that are on every teen show, like school, parents and boys. But don’t worry, you could totally tell the twins apart based on clothing, hair and personalities…or not.

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CarleeAnn Allen is a senior at Southern Methodist University majoring in Journalism and Psychology. Between finding new places to eat and pretending she has her life together, she enjoys taking naps and being active in her sorority.
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