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31 of the Best Horror Movies on Netflix for Every Day of October

It’s finally October, or as we like to call it, “Halloween Preparation Month.” Do you love frights and horrors? Do you love being scared sh!tless? Do you want to try to make it through a Halloween without crying in fright? Well we have some great movies for you to get your scare on, one for each day of the month.

1. “The Houses October Built”

A found footage favorite about a group of friends searching for the most extreme haunted houses in America. 

2. “The Shining”

An absolute classic in the horror genre and a must-see for any film lover.

3. “Creep”

A slow burn thriller that builds intense suspense and tension.

4. “The Babadook”

A terrifying thriller that will make you never, ever want children.

5. “Holidays”

A super new, original, and at times funny anthology, each film mixing holidays with horror.

6. “It Follows”

A super creepy horror film that follows a group of friends.

7. “The Human Centipede”

Okay, I know this movie gets a bad rap and is admitted pretty gross. If you can stomach the concept, you should give this truly frightening movie a chance.

8. “Extraordinary Tales”

For those of you who love Halloween but hate horror, this animated re-imagining of Edgar Allen Poe’s short stories is for you.

9. “The Fly”

A gross-out classic

10.  “Would You Rather”

A group of similarly desperate people enter a game contest to win a million dollars.

11. “13 Cameras”

A twist on the home invasion genre.

12. “Sweet Home”

If you don’t mind subtitles, Sweet Home is a great, high paced horror. 

13. “Kristy”

A student who remains at her college over Thanksgiving is chased around by a group of killers.

14. “Children of the Corn”

A Stephen King classic about a small town crisis.

15. “Starry Eyes”

An actress will do anything for success.

16. “Darling”

A black-and-white artsy film, Darling is the most inexplicable scary movie on Netflix.

17. “The ABC’s of Death”

An anthology for every letter of the alphabet. Some are silly, some are very disturbing (my personal favorite is “L”).

18. “Jaws”

It’s not super scary anymore, but it is a classic.

19. “#Horror”

“#Horror” got terrible reviews, but it’s a super fun movie to laugh at with your friends

20. “Exam”

Ludicrous? Maybe, but its still fun to watch a bunch of people try to figure out their “exam.”

21. “The Sixth Sense”

Hopefully no one’s ruined the ending for you…

22. “The Sitter”

If you like Lifetime movies (and let’s be honest — who doesn’t like Lifetime movies), you’ll love “The Sitter.”

23. “Funny Games”

This is hands down the scariest movie on the list. Really hardcore horror.

24. “Cheap Thrills”

More of a drama/thriller, watch what two men will do in order to earn money. Plus Todd Packer from “The Office” is in it. 

25. “Clown”

Kind of dumb, but definitely a fun watch.

26. “The Rite”

Worth it, just to see Anthony Hopkins.

27. “The Texas Chainsaw Massacre: The Beginning”

The original is better, but the whole series is amazing.

28. “Contracted”

But only if you have the stomach for some seriously gruesome stuff.

29. “Wes Craven’s New Nightmare”

Many people say this is better than even the original!

30. “Curve”

Your classic “creepy guy preys on young woman.”

31. “The Girl in the Photographs”

Super strong, compelling plot. 


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Mary Chamberlain Harlan is a junior at Southern Methodist University majoring in English and minoring in Women and Gender Studies. An ardent liberal, she is passionate about human rights and works with Spectrum, LGBT Panels, and TEDx SMU to raise awareness for the LGBT community. She has been obsessed with horror movies since age 8, when she first saw Poltergeist, and plans to write her senior thesis on the impact of the horror genre on the modern world.
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