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30 Creative Ways to Get Your S.O. To Define the Relationship

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at SMU chapter.

Dating- it can be a complicated world full of mixed signals, misunderstood hints and no clarity. While some people are fine with just hanging out with someone most of us want to know what’s going on with our S.O, especially after seeing them for a while. Here is a creative list of ways to convince that special someone to step up and have the talk about defining the relationship. 

  1. Make them a mix-tape of your own raps that ends with a track labeled “DTR.” 
  2. Ask using a fun limerick. 
  3. Or a slam poem is you’re one of *those people* who thinks they’re good at slam poetry. 
  4. Or haiku, for those with simpler taste.
  5. Or an epic poem, for those with dramatic flair.
  6. Approach them whilst riding Peruna (the horse) and ask for their hand.
  7. Approach them whilst riding Peruna (the mascot) and ask for their hand.
  8. Arrange an intervention and ask all of their friends to write letters. 
  9. Fake your own death and see what they tell people- Did their girlfriend mysteriously go missing?
  10. Use a flash mob. 
  11. Offer to set them up on a blind date and gauge their reaction. Are they open to the idea or very confused?
  12. Skywriting. 
  13. With an independent short film that is eventually lauded at Sundance.
  14. Ask with a rousing performance of Whitney Houston’s “How Will I Know?”
  15. Convince them to throw a house party where they’ll have to introduce you to friends. Do they say “Meet my girlfriend…”?
  16. Blatantly get on Tinder in front of them and use their reaction as a springboard for a discussion on exclusivity.
  17. Want a grand public gesture? Ask with a meme on “Methodist Memes for Southern Teens.”
  18. Or with a colorful flyer in Hughes Trigg.
  19. Or a display on Dallas Hall Lawn, if you’re really up to the challenge and don’t mind the paperwork necessary to get it approved.
  20. Bring five or so friends with you next time they ask to “hang out.” Hey, they didn’t say it was a “date.”
  21. Pull an RGT and build them a fountain. Engrave: “Are we dating or nah?” on the base.
  22. Get on the Jumbotron at a baseball game. Instead of proposing, propose defining the relationship.
  23. Write them a rap musical in the style of “Hamilton” that tells the story of your relationship and ends with the cast chanting “Define the relationship!”
  24. Ask with a sexy ransom-style note where each letter is cut out of a magazine.  
  25. Use a firework display to spell out “DTR”.
  26. Or just plain fire. 
  27. When they’re talking, turn to an imaginary camera and talk to it like Jim on “The Office.” Say something like “This guy’s crazy- I don’t even know if we’re dating!”
  28. Use a compelling PowerPoint Presentation to show the perks of defining the relationship.
  29. Or a Prezi if you’re feeling fancy.
  30. Or Google Slides if you’re one of *those people* who uses Google slides.
Grace is a sophmore at SMU. Besides Her Campus, she's a member of the UHP, Sigma Phi Lambda, and the SMU Debate Team.