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22 Fall Dates That Aren’t Awkward

It’s fall and love is in the air!  One of the great things about fall (besides the State Fair) is the perfect date opportunities. Fall has perfect weather, perfect food and perfect chances for fun dates.



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Here is a list of 22 date ideas:

  1. Go to a football game. Whether you’re cheering on the Mustangs or the Cowboys, there is so much to do at a football game.

  2. Check out a cute bookstore or record store. You’re in Dallas; there is going to be more than one of these. They are so sweet and usually there’s history behind the store.

  3. Walk a dog. Whether it’s your dog or someone else’s dog, there is the perfect thing for the weather! Dog parks are so cute, and with all the dogs, it’s bound to be a good time!

  4. Go to the zoo. Once again, perfect weather and cute animals!

  5. Visit a flea market. Dallas and all the surrounding suburbs have the perfect flea market. You can always get cheap jewelry, clothes or food there!

  6. Tour the Arboretum. The Arboretum in Dallas is BEAUTIFUL. It ‘s also the perfect place for cute pictures!

  7. Visit an art gallery. Sure it’s art, and some people may not be into it, but it can be a lot of fun! The Meadows Museum is also free for SMU students!

  8. Hit up a karaoke bar.  Whether it’s just watching it or even going up there to belt your heart out, it’s excellent. Break out your inner Beyonce!

  9. Get some free fro-yo. Go to frozen yogurt places and just get the free samples! Who knows, maybe you’ll end up liking it and buying a whole cup!

  10. Go for a skate. Sure, ice skating maybe a winter thing, but the Galleria of Dallas already has their skating rink up!

  11. Attend a concert. Wherever good music is, there is bound to be a good time.

  12. Go to the Dallas Aquarium. The Dallas Aquarium is a personal favorite. All of the animals are cute, and it’s not just fish!

  13. Go to the Texas State Fair! They have THE BEST food. There is literally everything at the fair (even fried butter). This year there is a funnel cake burger. 

  14. Go bowling. You can get some pretty bad food and also have a good laugh while bowling.

  15. Go mini golfing or go to TopGolf. You can’t go wrong with either of these. They are both unique, but fun!

  16. Go to a pumpkin patch. This was bound to be on the list somewhere! A pumpkin patch has cute photo opportunities, and you can carve an actual pumpkin. Another fun thing to do is to make actual pumpkin seeds!

  17. Visit a brewery. Obviously only go if you’re both of age. Breweries are cool because of there’s usually tons of interesting people you can meet. 

  18. Go to a haunted house. If you are a thrill seeker like me, these are so much fun! Dallas has so many haunted houses here. One of the top haunted houses in the U.S. is in Dallas. It’s called Cutting Edge, and it’s a whole hour long!

  19. Pick some apples. Going to an apple orchard is a fall staple, and it’s especially fun when you visit with someone you love. Also, if you’re short like me, they can help you reach the apples on the branches!

  20. Go tailgating (or in this case- go to the Boulevard). This is the perfect opportunity to meet each other’s friends! You can also tailgate a Cowboys game!

  21. Take a hot air balloon ride! Because what’s more romantic than floating through the sky on a hot air balloon?

  22. Go camping. Take a camping trip to a state park for a relaxing overnight date away from it all. And don’t forget supplies for s’mores!

Paige Wilson is a sophomore at Southern Methodist University majoring in Journalism and Political Science with an emphasis in International Relations. She is aiming for a career in law or broadcast journalism and plans on moving to the "Big Apple" after college. When she is not studying, she is either re-watching The Office, online shopping, or looking to try a new sushi or Italian restaurant.
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