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20 Questions with David Hartley

Name: David Hartley

Age: 20

Year in school: Junior

Major/Minor: Applied Physiology and Sports Management and Finance

Greek affiliation: Sigma Alpha Epsilon

Hometown: Denver, Colorado

Relationship status: Taken

Hobbies: Intermural sports, Knitting and Fishing

Fave food: Pizza

Fave sports team: Denver Broncos

Celebrity crush: Oprah

Fave sorority: Kappa/Pi Phi

Fave animal: The Platypus

Fave color: Gold

Ideal date: Anything that doesn’t involve horses

Toothpaste you use: Crest Pro-Health Mint

Car: 1996 Ford Bronco

Photos courtesy of Facebook

Hello everyone!I am a senior at Southern Methodist Univeristy, studying for majors Marketing and Fashion Media. I have written for Her Campus SMU since 2013. I really enjoy the people it has brought me to meet as well as the fun articles I get to write!! My main interests include travel, fly fishing, tennis, writing, reading, styling, shopping and hanging out with my family, friends and boyfriend. I'm looking forward to graduation and a career in the real world! :) 
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