20 Prompts to Journal to

I have a tendency to aggressively promote journaling. It's an incredible way to be on good terms with yourself and to organize your thoughts. Personally, there is nothing more satisfying than looking down at seven pages of complete word vomit and realizing that these are the thoughts that have been bombarding my head for who knows how long. There are a couple of topics and ideas that take up space in my journals and initiate word vomit. 

1. Write down your favorite quotes

2. Write about what you are grateful for

3. Write about someone you admire 

4. Write about memories associated with your favorite song

5. Write about things that confuse you

6. Write about your flaws

7. Write about what is going on in the world

8. Write about why you should care about what is going on in the world 

9. Write about what you care about

10. Just write about what is on your mind 

If all else fails, and you are lazy and run out of time, lists are always the answer. They are quick, mindless, and an easy organizer. Here are another ten ideas to create your own lists:

1. Things you are grateful for

2. Books you want to read

3. Places you want to go

4. Things you know to be true 

5. What you love about yourself 

6. Things you should have learned by now

7. Things you should avoid doing after 2 AM

8. Things you should avoid doing in general

9. A to-do list? Or maybe that's too stressful...

10. Things you need to start prioritizing