12 Thoughts Every Short Girl Has Shopping for Long Formal Dresses

It's almost the end of the semester, which means the last formals of the school year are in full swing. Shopping for a formal dress can be the most fun part of the whole event, but it can be tough for short girls. Finding a long dress is hard when you're not a long person. You're basically swimming in full-length dresses, midi dresses are so close to being the right length and yet so far, and even if you find the perfect short dress, they aren't perfect for every occasion. Here are the thoughts every short girl has when she's shopping for formal dresses. 


1. “Yay it’s almost time for formal!! Time to find the perfect dress so I can wow the crowds.”

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2. “The mall should have plenty of long dresses, so I’ll just head there, buy one, and be on my way.”


3. “Ok but why do all of these maxi dresses look like they were made for members of the NBA? Seriously, WHO is that tall??”

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4. “I literally need this dress in my life though... maybe I could just get it altered”


5. “Except getting it tailored would cost more than the actual dress, so I’ll pass.”


6. “This midi dress looks like it could be a good length on me!”


7. “Nope, not unless I want to show off an awkward amount of calf/ankle.”

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8. *Stares at taller girl effortlessly strutting around in a floor-length dress without tripping* “I hate you.”


9. (2 hours and 7 stores later) “You know what? Screw this, I’m shopping online!”


10. *Model is 5”11 and wearing size XS* “Wow look, a dress that could double as a floor sweeper!”


11. “All right, I guess it’s time for my last resort...the juniors section.”


12. “Ah, yes, finally, a maxi dress that actually looks kind of good on me! (as long as I break out my six-inch heels, of course).”

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But no worries ladies, here are some stores that offer petite sizes so that everyone can find well-fitting pants, skirts and dresses. As someone who is below-average in height, I would highly recommend them.



Good luck on the search for the perfect formal dress, collegiettes!