100 Thoughts on the Season Premiere of Riverdale

I watched Season 2, Episode 1 of  "Riverdale." I hope you did too. I live-blogged this episode and here are all my thoughts. 

***Warning: This article contains 100 spoilers***
  1. I hear Juggy’s voice and I’m already excited!
  2. I don’t think anyone’s forgetting Cheryl going crazy, jumping into a lake and then burning down her house.
  3. Juggy could be turning to the dark side, and I like it.
  4.  How was Archie’s dad shot when Archie was in front of him?
  5. If I were driving around like Archie was, I definitely would have hit something. Literally anything.
  6. Archie’s dad is not looking good at this point.
  7. Oh Juggy, you and your dark humor.
  8. Even the hospital uniforms look retro.
  9. Archie is covered in so much blood. 
  10. I can’t handle a Grey’s Anatomy episode right now.
  11. Let the dream sequences begin.
  12. Oh no, not Betty’s mom.
  13. Oh God, it got worse.
  14. “Defiled” has now become my least favorite word, if it wasn’t already. This ain’t the 1950’s anymore Alice.
  15. Good for Betty for being honest with her mom.
  16. Oh Alice, we all know you were involved with the Southside Serpents. You just don’t want anyone to know.
  17. Veronica’s breakfast has me raising my eyebrows.
  18. Mr. Lodge is coming back, maybe.
  19. OH MY GOD. JUGGY + MOTORCYCLE = DADDY. Sorry Lili Reinhart, but we all know the truth. 
  20. Aw the gang’s together to support their leader.
  21. What is Archie hiding? Besides the tears, obviously.
  22. God, Alice. She’s crossing from mama bear territory into serial accuser.
  23. No, no, you’re not good Archie. Aw, poor thing. We all need some Archie cuddles in our lives.
  24. I approve Jughead accompanying Archie into the interrogation. He’s the only one smart enough to keep Archie on a level playing field.
  25. It wasn’t the Serpents. We know already.
  26. What isn’t Arch telling us?
  27. LOL- jingle-jangle.
  28. I bet you right now, nothing was stolen. Juggy’s onto something.
  29. We were already blessed with a Veronica dance-off and I hope we get to see one again.
  30. Yay, go girl talk! Support a sister.
  31. Go home Archie, please get out of those gross clothes.
  32. Another dream: Archie’s taking over the business now. Heaven’s seriously knocking on Fred’s door. Will Mr. Andrews answer the call?
  33. Did you remember Archie had a dog? I didn’t.
  34. Archie is a little rude to Roni. Not really digging that.
  35. Dog-walking is nice, but Archie is taking it down a sad road. Oh no, dad talk is very sad.
  36. Uh oh, Juggy. Dealing with the Serpents. He’s actually handling it very well.
  37. Archie’s in the shower. Still lots of blood, but if I remember the trailer I think I know where this is going…
  39. Um. Wow. Gutsy.
  40. Maybe the pearls keep it classy?
  41. I guess everyone wants to know the 411 with Jughead… Who wouldn’t?
  42. Aw Betty brought up Joaquin. She’s going to be a great girlfriend when Jughead turns into a Serpent. Come on, it’s going to happen sooner or later.
  43. Oh God, not Cheryl. Also, who can walk in those heels?! Who even owns those heels? Other than Cheryl…
  44. Liar, liar, pretty little girl put her house on fire.
  45. What wallet, Archie?
  46. He’s overreacting? And here comes the anger.
  47. Poor Roni.
  48. AWWW SHE CAME BACK <3 Varchie 5eva.
  49. Veronica so knows how to be a good girlfriend.
  50. A lineup? That was fast.
  51. What’s with the green eyes? Who has eyes like that? Is this a new character or an old one?
  52. Archie’s having some serious issues…
  53. I like where Juggy’s going with his thought process. Future detective in the making.
  54. Come on Betty. You know you want to ride it. The famous Jughead icon is even on the helmet.
  55. Oh hot dang, Veronica is going in. 
  56. Is she really blaming her mom? Oh she is. I thought me and my mom had issues…
  57. Both these women are vicious. Like mother, like daughter.
  58. New Reggie in R-Town. Awm the cats are back too!
  59. If I had to do that with my dad, I would be a wreck.
  60. Why wouldn’t Fred wake up? He obviously loves Archie enough to not want to leave in his dreams.
  61. Gross, the blood is still on the floor. That’s a health and safety problem, Pops.
  62. I KNEW IT! Not a robbery. I’m with you Jug.
  63. Aw Pops story is deep. What is with this "Angel of Death" talk?
  64. “It fit you like a glove, like a second skin." Cheese couldn’t get cheesier than that.
  65. Juggy seems to be doing alright at this point in time, but it looks like there’s room for doubt and interruption later on.
  66. Oh MyLanta. Cheryl and mommy. How much better could this get?!
  67. Cheryl is covering her tracks. Makes sense but why?
  68. The blackmail begins.
  69. Cheryl is getting dangerous. OH MY GOD SHE’S CHOKING HER MOM!
  71. Cheryl is officially nuts.
  72. Veronica is doing her best. Archie accepts it. And he’s ready to spill.
  73. Come on, fess up.
  74. Wait what? Archie was scared?
  75. I think I would’ve done the same if I was in that situation. Don’t blame yourself Archie. WE LOVE YOU!
  76. What is so important about the gosh-darned wallet?
  78. I'm worried about Cheryl... I'm looking forward to seeing how Cheryl will develop in future episodes...
  79. "A Kiss Before Dying" is the name of the episode, so I guess Fred is supposed to die now? And yet Cheryl is so sure he’s going to live? Riverdale has me feeling some kind of way, and I like the crazy TBH.
  80. And now all the spoilers of Camila Mendes in a wedding dress make sense.
  81. Bagpipes. So Archie is Irish, and it’s his wedding? Veronica is technically Latina, which I feel should also be reflected in the ceremony. But I guess it’s Fred’s dream, so it’s his dream wedding for Archie?
  82. Both Jason and Mr. Blossom are here.
  83. Yay Molly Ringwald!
  84. And home-made-mask-with-green-eyes joins the party.  Seems familiar though.
  85. HE WOKE UP!!! HE’S NOT DEAD!!! (…yet)
  86. Aw Fred woke up because his job isn’t done yet. His goal in life is to protect Archie. But now Archie wants to do that for his dad.
  87. YASSSS back at it with the support from Jughead.
  88. Oh dear god. They brought the man straight to Jug and he’s dealing with it kind of well?
  89. Blood is thicker than water…
  90. Wow, Mommy Lodge is all dressed up. And she’s only going to defend herself.
  91. Daddy Lodge is here too.
  92. Shots are being fired all over the place.
  93.  This is a war zone.
  94. A baseball bat? Really? Didn’t you ever learn anything from Indiana Jones? Never bring a knife to a gun fight.
  98. This music is real creepy.
  100. SHE’S DEAD.
  101. IT’S OVER?!?!?!?!

Well ladies and gentlemen, I hope you enjoyed my commentary. Tune in next week to watch the unfolding story that is "Riverdale."

Feature image via Den of Geek

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