10 Thoughts You Have While Waiting In Line at Fondren Starbucks

We have all been there: our need for coffee is about to overflow into an impatient desire so we run from our library desk in Fondren to the Starbucks, only to be confronted with a line that leads into the next room. How can all of these 30 other people need coffee as much as we do right now? We may never know, but we get in line anyways and hope for the best.

1. First, we are full of hope, we know that this line will move much faster than it appears.

2. Then we wonder if we should pick up a bag of popcorn or cookies to snack on while waiting. We do need to eat after all.

3. Ok, well we have decided to pass on the snacks, but man we don't know if we can make it to the counter. How have only two people been helped in all this time??

4. Then we think to ourselves, "You know what, those mugs are super cute, I have always loved the Starbucks Destination mugs." We know how convincing the little longhorn on the Texas one is at persuading idle customers to pick it up. But be strong, you must save your flex for the ultimate goal: coffee.

5. Hmm, speaking of flex you should check how much you have? *checks flex on SMU app* Oh, ok so you probably shouldn't try that cloud macchiato if you want to keep getting coffee through the rest of the year. 

6. Seriously? We are just now stepping into the Starbucks area...do we really need the coffee? Then we begin to reflect on how close to borderline our coffee addiction is and start asking ourselves if we should really start cutting back...

7. ...but then we return to reality and realize we will never give up on our trusty caffiene companion.

8. Ok, there are still 10 more people in front of us, it's time to check Instagram for the third time. 

9. Yes! We have made it to the pastry case, this is progress! Aw, the little parrot cake pop is so cute!! Or is it a turkey? Or a Halloween monster? It's not fall so we'll go with parrot.

10. Finally we have received our drink and are filled with glee, forgetting about the twenty minutes it just took for us to get this cup of coffee.