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10 Thoughts You Have While at the State Fair of Texas

With it being my first year in Dallas, I decided what’s a better way to be introduced to Texas culture and immerse myself in my new home than to go to the State Fair of Texas. Being from Milwaukee, Wisconsin, I’ve had my fair share (no pun intended) of fairs and festivals but let me tell you, I’ve never experienced anything like this. Although I ate and spent more money then I should have, I can now say that I have been to the State Fair of Texas.  

1. Big Tex: Big Tex, the iconic State Fair of Texas cowboy, stands at 55 feet tall and welcomes fairgoers with a booming “Hooowwwddy fooolksss!”... Everything sure is bigger in Texas! 

2. Why are there so many people here? According to the official State Fair of Texas website, the fair welcomed 2.25 million people last year! 

3. Hmmm should I try one of those? *Buys a cotton candy taco*


Image via State Fair of Texas


4. Oh, and one of those too... You CAN'T go to a fair and NOT buy a funnel cake! 

5. Deep fried EVERYTHING? Diabetes here, diabetes there, diabetes everywhere! 

6. I should start a food stand: These people must make so much money considering I bought a bottle of water for $6. 

7. What is that smell? Not all of them are good...

8. This is people watching heaven: Oh, the things you see at the state fair. 

9. Midway: Where to begin with all these rides? Maybe I shouldn't have eaten all this food! 

10. Whoa, I just came face to face with a cow: What's a fair without the animals?

So, would I go again? Of course! The State Fair of Texas was such a fun and unique experience. There's so much to do that it will never get old! The last day of the fair is on October 22, so grab some friends, get on out there and experience all it has to offer before it's too late!

Kalena Dorgan is a freshman at Southern Methodist University and is planning on double majoring in Advertising and Communications, as well as minoring in Spanish. Being from Wisconsin, she can't wait to explore Dallas. She is passionate about volunteering in her community and is obsessed with chai tea, yoga, brunch and her planner.
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