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Smith Alumna- Allie Felix ’14

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Smith chapter.

Allie Felix graduated from Smith last year as a member of the Class of 2014. While at Smith, Allie was involved in the Center for Women and Financial Independence and, as a student entrepreneur, developed her brand; Keep Your Balance, which she has continued to maintain out in the “real world.” Last week, Her Campus Smith got a chance to catch up with Allie and hear about her experiences at Smith and life after college.

While you were at Smith you developed Keep Your Balance Studios; can you tell us more about KYB and how you got the idea to start it? 

Growing up I was always “the chunky one.”  My junior year of high school, I got a personal trainer and fell in love with fitness. More than just the physical changes that took place, I gained confidence, determination, and an overall happy state of mind. I realized how much my personal wellness empowered me, and I wanted women everywhere to feel like I do– we deserve it! Keep Your Balance started as a brand to empower women to feel happy, healthy, and fit. In the critical world we live in, I’ve found that women of all ages struggle with self-esteem insecurities. Instead of feeling guilty for that slice of Antonios or a night out with friends, I wanted to emphasize the important of having that balance. We are real people, not robots. Treat yo self! 

Although I started my fitness Instagram in 2010 (@keepyourbalance_), it wasn’t until being at Smith and hearing about the Draper competition that a light went “ding!” and I began developing an actual business plan.

You presented KYB at the Draper Business Plan competition at Smith last year, what was that like?

Participating in Draper was the highlight of my Smith career, and certainly the most work I’ve ever put into one single project. It was amazing to work and re-work my ideas over and over until this day came along where I presented them to Tim, a top Silicon Valley Venture Capitalist, and a panel of distinguished judges. Smith WFI held countless prep classes, “shark tanks”, and pitch competitions in preparation for the big day. I found the value of the competition in this, wherein I learned public speaking, networking with business professionals, and giving up the fear of being turned down.

Do you have advice for student entrepreneurs?

Yes! Just DO IT! Regardless of whether you want to start your own business, participating in all of the amazing entrepreneurial workshops, competitions, and classes Smith offers will teach you confidence and grit that can’t be learned through textbooks. Smith hosts some of the best programming for student entrepreneurs, with access to resources and alumnae that other schools can’t compare to. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain.

What are you doing these days?

I’ve returned to Florida where the sunshine is plenty and I don’t have to break out my snow boots. Following graduation, I participated in Draper University’s entrepreneurship program on scholarship. I recently made my way into the work force, and  am the Marketing Manager for HJ Commercial Real Estate, a Tampa-based agency. In my down time I volunteer with Girls On the Run and enjoy what my city has to offer. I miss my Smithies!

Where do you see KYB going in the future?

One day, when I have my “a-ha!” moment and figure out exactly what the world needs and I can give it, I will start my own business. For now, KYB is a brand I continue through social media platforms to empower women everywhere- and myself! It holds me accountable. There is nothing greater than having friends or acquaintances tell me how things that I’ve posted positively influenced their lives.

Do you have any advice for students who are getting ready to head out into the “real world”?

Spoiler alert: I feel like nobody tells you how hard the “real world” is while you’re in college. I felt bad graduating without a job lined up, especially when it seemed as if every other student had committed to something way back in December. I went through 3 months of applying to literally 100 jobs without an offer. All of the sudden, I had five offers over the course of two weeks. Stay positive! The right opportunity will come along.

If you want to learn more about KYB, check it out at:

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