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Fifteen moments when Orange Is the New Black reminded us of Smith

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Smith chapter.

1. When someone gets a Smith chop

2. When you’re showing off your new moves at a house party

3.When Smithies protest

4. How First Years describe Amherst

5. Econ Majors are like

6. And English Majors too

7.When everyone’s periods sync

8.When you realize you’re turning into a true Smithie

9. When the dining hall serves hard boiled eggs for breakfast

10.When you order Dominoes

11.When you hear the Mountain Day bells

12.When “that girl” raises her hand

13.When your friend doesn’t approve of your mindless tv shows

14.  And there was that time Poussey said what we are all thinking at all times

15. And finally, that moment when you knew Piper really is a Smithie