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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Smith chapter.

When it comes to food, Northampton has something for everyone. Whether you’re in the mood for falafel, sushi, vegetarian cuisine, or even some good old American tavern-style food, you’re sure to find it without having to venture too far from Grécourt Gate. While I consider myself more of a casual foodie, I’ve spent a good bit of time dining out in Northampton throughout the years and have assembled a list of some of my favorites.

Girl’s night out- The most frequent occasion at Smith! We all need a break from the Smith dining scene sometimes, even if Julia Child did eat, sleep, breath, and study here. What better way to spend it than a short walk downtown to try out one of Northampton’s many restaurants?


Often overlooked despite its orange storefront, Noodles ranks highly on my list of favorites. There’s nothing better than slurping up giant bowls of noodle soup (customizable with your choice of noodles) while laughing with your girlfriends over a pot of jasmine tea. Noodles is very reasonably priced, with entrées running at a little less than $10.

Amanouz Café

Because of limited seating, Amanouz is often a better choice for take-out, especially when the weather is warmer. With meals ranging from $6-$12, Amanouz is a fun and inexpensive restaurant to try if you’re in the mood for great falafel, tagine, or my personal favorite; kebab sandwiches.

Bueno Y Sano

While I tend to prefer local and unique over chain restaurants, Bueno Y Sano is an unavoidable favorite in Northampton. Featuring customizable burritos as well as a variety of typical Mexican foods, Bueno Y Sano is an inexpensive (under $10!) and easy choice for a night out on the town.

Dinner with the parents- A visit from the parents almost always means dining out. When you’re being forced to answer all the difficult questions about your life at college and what you plan on doing with your life, it’s helpful to have a really great meal in front of you.


Although Osaka features a fairly traditional asian-fusion menu, I like to come for the hibachi. For those who have never experienced hibachi before, it is an experience that is definitely not to be missed. With all the food flying around, your parents will forget to ask the probing questions you are trying to avoid, and everyone is bound to have a good time (as long as no one in your family is averse to getting saké squirted in his/her face)!


Maybe its nostalgia for my childhood, but Fitzwilly’s is a favorite place for dining out with the family. With a lively bar and extensive menu, Fitzwilly’s makes great American tavern-style comfort food, with something for everyone.

India House

India House makes the Parent’s list as it is a little pricey for the average college student dining out on her own. India House serves great North-Indian cuisine, and is worth a trek to Northampton just for the delicious naan and roti alone! With a loud and busy atmosphere, India House offers a great dining experience, although you may have to wait for a table since it is almost always packed.

Date night- It’s always useful to have a good repertoire of “date night” restaurants on hand, especially if you already have a special someone in mind. Although a good date should always end at Herrell’s (or back in your room), it has to start somewhere. Luckily, Northampton provides a wealth of date-friendly restaurants.


Although Zen is a little pricey, its pan-asian inspired menu is sexy and innovative. What better opportunity to showcase your chopstick skills than with a date? If you or your date are not familiar with Asian cuisine, Zen is a great opportunity to be daring, or if you are, then a chance to showoff your knowledge.

Viva Fresh Pasta Co.

Viva is an intimate and delicious dining experience. Although Viva serves traditional Italian entrées, their homemade and customizable pasta is not to be missed. Viva also has an extensive tapas menu. Ordering tapas, or small appetizers that are mixed and matched to create a meal, is especially fun on dates and is, boys take note… a personal favorite of mine.

Haymarket Café

While many Smith students know Haymarket as a great coffee and fresh juice joint, most are unaware that Haymarket also runs a small vegetarian restaurant downstairs. With low lighting and small, intimate tables, Haymarket is a great choice for a date, especially if both, or one of you is vegetarian. As a plus, the restaurant also serves the same drink menu as upstairs.