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5 Tips for Surviving Room Draw

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Smith chapter.
It’s that time of year again: room draw. Sure, it’s fun to fantasize about the possibility of snagging that perfect room. But room draw can often bring meltdowns and panic attacks.
Here’s the thing: it doesn’t have to be that way! Fear not—Her Campus Smith is here to help you stay sane during this hectic time. Whether you’re having trouble finding a roommate, picking a room or undecided about your house, here are some tips for surviving room draw. 
Repeat after me: Everything will work out. Even if you’re a first year with a lottery number of 647, even if you’re worried you won’t get that single you’ve had your eyes on all year, it will be okay.  Despite
any mishaps, members of Residence Life are on your side and can help you out with whatever problems arise (three words: room change form). 
2. Ask around for people’s lottery numbers
Asking around in your house as well as class about lottery numbers is a good way to get an idea of where you stand in line for that perfect room. Start up a group chat within your house to get a feel of where you stand in comparison to your housemates. 
3. Talk to the sophomore, junior and senior classes for advice
So here’s the good news: you might have the worst lottery number in your class…But, hey, life goes on! Talk to older students in your house for some much needed advice and perspective on the situation.
4. Possible roommates
Though there are many students that luck out with good lottery numbers, many remaining students are left with doubles. Now is the time to ask your friends and acquaintances to be your possible roommate. You want to have an idea of who you’re living with so that you can sort out all the arrangements.
5. Don’t stress about what room to get
Avoid the danger of falling in love with a room, only for a rising junior or senior to nab it before you do. It’s definitely useful to look at the floor plan of your house and pick several rooms you would like to live in—but don’t get particularly attached to just one. Save yourself the heartbreak and play it safe! 
With these tips in mind, your room draw experience will definitely be calmer and, believe it or not, happier too.
Until next year!